Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rainbows and Frolicking through the flowers..

isn't how anyone described this lapband journey ..and from here on out i'm going to try and remember that and "keep calm and carry on" :0)

thanks to:


for making me feel less craptastic than I did all weekend..

and jenny hit the nail on the head .. about hating everyone that could 'eat' .. that's exactly how I felt this weekend..

..and made me realize that's how I did so well all week husband is at work all day and ate at his mom's house for dinner (taking the boy with him) so I didn't have to worry at all about yummy stuff last sun-through this friday ..

it was just this weekend that I was feeling sorry for myself and filling myself up with self doubt..while everyone ate yummy good looking/smelling food! :0)

i'm back to my shakes today and maybe a lean cuisine tonight ..but I'm not feeling so desperate anymore..

wednesday is almost here!


  1. You CAN do this. You are doing great, and it is honestly the hardest part. Bandster hell has its own challenges, but nothing like pre-op (at least for me). I actually counted the number of meals - and I was on clear liquids only the day before surgery, so that day didn't even count. You have six or so meals left - hang in there! It'll be sooooo worth it in the end!

  2. Hi Kristen! I just found your blog over at Amy W's and wanted to wish you well with your banding on Wednesday! I love comments also and wouldn't be in such a good place if I didn't have this community to come to. Please visit my blog and let us know how everything turns out for you on Wednesday. I will be 4 weeks banded the day you are banded....not too far ahead to know what you will be going through!

  3. That's my girl...keep up that great attitude and maybe it will wear off on me. I'll be thinking of you all day on Wednesday...I even marked my Outlook Calendar at work.

  4. I like what Amy said - you are just a few meals away from having this stupid pre-op be OVER! Can't wait for you to join the band!!!!