Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Monday, January 25, 2010

I think I was between 221-223 when I weighed in at my last nutrition appointment ..or heck, could have been 225..

I decided that if I'm going to start tracking my points and doing Weight Watchers for a bit ..then I might as well start off with weighing myself this morning.. it's not digital so I'm not 100% sure that it's correct ..

(can you even see it?.. it's smaller than I thought it would be)

but it's under 220 about 217/218 .. but just to be safe.. I'll round that up to an even that's 5 down and 20 more to go till my first goal!!

I found out that a k-cup of dark hot chocolate and 2TBL of fluff = 2pts!!

It's my go to if I'm feeling like I need something sweet .. so i'm happy to find out that it's only 2pts!!

I just got the Keurig coffee maker for my birthday (but I don't drink coffee) and I love that it whips up hot chocolate in seconds..

I'll post another scale/weigh in pic next Monday .. and see how this all goes..

Hello Monday..

( what I'm drinking today)

(before my workout on sunday)

This was yesterday afternoon (waiting on my sister in law to pick me up) on my way to workout..

I'd love to be able to put this same sweatshirt on next winter and have it actually zip up over my belly/boobs! How great of a NSV would that be!?

*sorry for the iphone pics .. it just goes everywhere with me and it's really easy to take pics like this*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I've been thinking..

About starting WW while I'm waiting around for my surgery date..

I feel guilty that I've been meeting up with my nutritionist (for almost six months) and haven't lost any weight (or gained any weight).. and it would be really nice to lose even 10-15lbs before surgery.

I started last week with trying to drink more water (well, .. really crystal light) and that's been going well.. so I think this week I should move on to counting some points.

I know I don't have a lot of followers right now (but yay for my first two followers!!) ..but I'm wondering if anyone else out there in Band land did WW while waiting around??

Tomorrow I'm going to drink two (32oz) of my Rubbermaid water jug and see if that starts to curb some of my hunger and then start paying attention to portion sizes and snacks.

Doesn't that sound like a thrilling Monday!

I don't want to!!!

go the the gym today! .. but I will ..

I have a gym buddy (my sister in law) and she asked me to go with her today .. we're trying to go at least three times a week.

Last week I only made it there once with her and I'm blaming it ol'aunt flo .. she makes me all moody a week before and tortures me with pain the week of ..


I tried to make 100 excuse in my head of what to tell her when I didn't want to go .. but I'm just going to suck it up and go.. I always feel better afterwards.. so ..

I'm trying to get some new songs on my ipod and make a 'playlist' so I don't have to fool around with it while I'm working out. My plan today is just to walk briskly on the treadmill and then do some ab work/stretching afterwards..

happy sunday!! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

six months from right now ..

..will be July 23rd 2010 ..

I hope that i'm at least 2 months post op .. maybe even three months.. how much weight will I have lost? Am I going to fit in to my new 'lifestyle' of eating.. Will I have any lasting pain from my surgery??

I love the summer.. and not because I don't like the snow days of winter.. it's just something that makes me feel so happy during that time of year. The sun and the amount of time the sun is actually out during the day.. watching my boy run around our backyard and taking walks around the neighborhood.

I'm not sure what kind of goals to set right now .. I love reading all the other WLS blogs out there to see what goals others have set. And to keep myself in 'realistic' mode..

A few things that I wish for myself..

-a smaller jean/top size .. and be happy with it! and not try to kid myself that i'm really one size and i'm actually the one right above it.. because that's what I'm doing right now .. and it's not a comfortable feeling.

-feeling like jeans are actually something that can be enjoyable to wear ..instead of dreading the days i get out of my comfortable pants.

-shopping .. I have a feeling as my numbers drop ..and I start needing new clothes.. I might actually enjoy doing that!? crazy!!

I wonder what the Non-Scale-Victories will be for me... I'm not sure I'll even know them .. until they happen.. but bring them on!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another picture from Summer 2009

I'm the one on the left and next to me is my sweet aunt.. don't we look alike!? Other than the fact that I look like I might smoosh her.. ohh my goodness.
Thoughts on how I got here..
I've never been the "skinny girl" and I'm not even trying to find her ..I'm just looking to get back to a comfortable weight. Something where I don't have to be out of breath by walking or trying to keep up with my boy.
Looking back on the ten years I've been out of high school (and my lowest weight) .. I seem to have gained about 5lbs a year.. it was never anything drastic ..just a very slow process to show numbers creeping up on the scale.


everyone needs some before pictures.. these are from the very beginning of this WLS journey..
i hope for some different results when i take some 'after' pictures in august 2010!!
please let the 'boob fairy' take some of that away! look at those things! ugh! i'd be so happy with at least one letter lower on the alphabet in bra sizes.
and shrinking my Buddha belly would be great too!

waiting for thursday & on the line (Sept 2009)

Another post from my wordpress blog .. just to catch everyone up .. (September 2009)

"Really, .. Thursday just can’t come fast enough .. (meeting with the surgeon)
I’m anxious and hoping it goes the way I want it to .. I’m right on the line with my BMI(41.6) and it needs to be at least 41 to have insurance cover the surgery. That’s the only way I’ll be able to get this done (self pay isn’t really an option right now). And after being rejected by such a small amount .. i’m so nervous that it’s going to be the same as last time.
It’s a crazy feeling to not want to try and lose any weight (even though that’s what I think about doing every waking minute of the day) and to keep it right where it is right now.. it’s a balancing act and i’m glad that at least one way or another this will be over on Thursday.."

Fast forward .. and I got accepted by the surgeon to be a WLS candidate .. so ..yay! It was rough to wait and go through those weeks and wonder if I was going to make it or not.. glad that's all over with!

My insurance makes WLS patients go through six months of meeting with a nutritionist and a whole bunch of other appointments ..

As of right now I have two more nutritionist appointments and by then the rest of my appointments will be finished too! .. I'm hoping/wishing/praying for a April 2010 surgery date!!

Backstory and current events

A little back story from this fall (originally from the wordpress blog I started)

September 2009

"So this journey actually started Spring 2008 ..and now your sitting there scratching your head and wondering why i’m not banded yet. I was actually a few pounds shy of what I needed to be covered by my insurance. And when I say a few ..I mean less than five..

{I actually started having a thought of running out to the nearest fast food restaurant and jump back on the scale while listening to that surgeon tell me this}

.. it was very disappointing.

His rational that they (insurance companies) had to draw the line in the sand somewhere .. and I just happened to be on the other side of that line. Ugh!

Now I know I should have been thankful that I wasn’t heavier ..but to be so close .. and still be in the ‘Morbidly’ obese category just didn’t make sense.

So .. I wish I could say that I had worked it out and lost the weight on my own .. but I haven’t and have actually put on more weight.

Time to make that phone call (again) .. and give my self another chance to qualify..

So this week I sat through another two hour Weight Loss Surgery information meeting and have my first appointment with a new Surgeon on October 1st.. that day can’t come fast enough!
I just want to know where I stand in this whole thing ..and if i’m on my way.. or not."

Okay.. a little more about me..

I'm ready to start this blog up!! I started my wordpress blog back in September .. but like I said before.. I think blogger will be much better than wordpress. So I'll leave those posts behind.

What this blog will be about: My thoughts on Weight loss and Weight loss surgery, Family things, Photography tracking my progress, things that "work" for me and things that don't "work".. ect ect .. Who really knows where this will take me!

What this blog will not be about: Perfection ..and that goes for my life in general, my weight loss and my spelling & grammar! So .. if you only want Perfection .. this isn't the place!

A bit about me (because it's kinda nice to know who's behind the blog)

I'm a wife to an amazing guy .. he supports me and loves me with all my quirks and everything else.

We have a son (preschool age) ..and he's pretty much our life.. he's a great combo of both of our looks and personality..I don't think either of us knew how much we could love this one little guy. You'll mostly hear me call him the 'little dude' .. :)

I love photography and hope to make that a huge part of this blog .. I'm going to slowly introduce some 'before/current' pictures.. but I'm not ready for that quite yet!

So.. stick around and keep up with me ..

From Wordpress to Blogger!

I've gone back and forth between wanting to keep my wordpress blog .. or to start up a blogger blog. ..and blogger won! I love the 'follow' option and it makes it easy to read the blogs that I follow too.

I'm not going to import my old blog over here .. it's not a whole lot anyways.. just a bit of the 'before' story.. even though I'm still in the 'before' .. so..anyhoo! Here's to a new start on blogger!

I'll post a "who the heck I am" post soon ..