Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

just a lick of grilled cheese?!

my son only had 1/2 of his grilled cheese last night for dinner and oooh baby did I want to eat the rest of that oooyeegooey goodness ..

instead i took pictures of it with my iphone ..
i'm allowed to have 1C of raw veggies along with my shakes .. and I had a 1/2C of cucumber yesterday with some spray on dressing.. and I totally licked the plate with no shame .., well..without a whole lot of shame..

this is hard.. and i went to bed hungry last night ..
i hoping that today is easier ..and that i won't feel lightheaded/dizzy like I did last night ..not a good feeling..

but do you know what is a good feeling!! standing on the scale at a new low .. in a long time ..213!!

so i've successfully passed a 10lb mark and that means 10 new songs on itunes!! whooo!! searching for songs should take up some time this a.m .. and keep me away from my kitchen..

ps- i lost a follwer/reader.. and though i'm not quiet sure who it is .. i'm just a little bummed to have lost one either way.. i'm trying to be a better poster that leaves lots of comments/support to the other peeps out there fighting this good fight.. thanks to the followers/readers that are sticking with me .. ((hugs))


  1. Don't take the follower thing personally. It happens!

    Depending on what kind of music you like, I just found out about The Spring Standards - and they released their album today. It's awesome! (kinda folksy, so depends on what you like)

    Hang in there - pre-op sucks, but you can do it!

  2. good job resisting the grilled cheese! :-) i can't wait to hear what you downloaded!

  3. Awe. I too went to bed hungry. This is the hard part.

  4. I lost a follower too - happens to us all or maybe they just quit blogging and it's not personal. Chin up - the rest of us are here to stay!