Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pro's and Con's ..

Thanks again to Catherine Chronicles from Band Land for inspiring me to think about these things and get them all in one spot.. I can't wait to re-read this weeks/months/a year from now..

here's the link to her pro/con list:

The Con's:

-Having some sort of medical complication from surgery

-Feeling like I can't eat "anything" that I did before band..and really miss that "something"

-Stuck/PB/Sliming .. all those fun things you read about in blogs or on LapBandTalk ..

-Being afraid of cooking/baking for my family ..and I don't even know why ..

-Having extra skin ..flapping in the wind :0)

-Not being able to order anything off the menu at a restaurant other than ..soup..

The Pro's

-Being at a healthy/"normal"/weight and BMI

-Buying clothes and having fun while doing it

-Looking my best and feeling that confidence when I walk out my door..

-More motivation for working out and keeping up with it (since it might be a bit easier w/less lbs)

-Wanting to go out more rather than skipping an event ..just because I can't find something to wear/feel extra fat that day/ect ect ..

-Not want to puke when I see myself in a bathing suit

-Feeling more comfortable in my "birthday suit"!! :0)

-I really want to buy cute bra's and undies ..

-And the bath towel going all the way around me .. that would be nice..

-Even though I don't really have a reason to wear them.. wearing high heel shoes and looking forward to dressing up for a wedding/party/ect.. instead of dreading it ..

Now some other things to look forward to ..other than food!

Every 10lbs gone = 10 songs on itunes .. and I'll post my picks in case anyone else is looking for some good stuff for the ipod..

20lbs lost = new gym sneakers .. I need some ..put I'd like to put in a little bit more work before I buy them..

30lbs lost = spend my 60$ I have in Old Navy money (from Christmas that I've saved) and then give myself 40$ to make it a 100$ dollar shopping trip!

And then after 30lbs I'll come back and make another list of rewards for the last 30-40lbs ..


Thoughts on my 1st day of Pre-Op diet ..

I did good .. it was hard ..but I made it through .. and I feel like this week won't be so hard .. it's the weekends where it feels tricky..(less in control of food choices)..

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and then met my husband/little dude over at my Mother-in-law's house for Sunday dinner (we've been doing this for years) .. I was thinking of the things I would have eaten if I wasn't on this..

-the salsa and chips that were out on the table ..
-the m&m's that are in her little candy dish .. the jellybeans left over from Easter ..still on a dish on her living room table..
-dinner (duh) ..

And that wasn't hard for me .. just realizing how much I picked/snacked before .. without even thinking I was doing anything wrong.. but those little things add up!

So I came home and had my Protein shake and felt fine for the rest of the night .. 1 day down.. 10 to go!!

Happy Monday everyone!

ps- I did take more "before" pics ..but .. I'll share those in a few less lbs for a comparison pic! :0)

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  1. I love your list! Especially about the towel fitting around. Its always the little things.