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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One week ago..

oh heparin shot..we are sooo not friends..ouch
oh hi there!! ..looking pretty 'normal' a week after

(sorry about the droopy boob in the right corner)
my incisions are looking great and the glue is hanging on tight..

you can see all five incisions and my hand bruise from my iv
and under my left boob area..some sort of skin irritation after surgery..

looks worse than it feels :0)

I'm so glad that this week is behind me ..after months of anticipation and then having to go through the pain of surgery and recovering this week.. it feels good to start moving past this stage..

Hungry did decide to show up and seems to be just in time ..because I get to start 'mushy' food tomorrow and might have something in that category tonight for dinner..hopefully that will keep Hungry away and I can keep Leenah happy while trying out this new food stage..

I'm still only down three solid pounds since surgery day ..and hope to get back to the gym this weekend.. I was going to head over to the gym last night, ..but it seems like by the end of the day i'm tired and a tiny bit sore.. Gas is gone ..but the "port" area is kinda painful .. seems like I have a tiny bump (almost feels like the point of my elbow) ..I'm going to ask my doc next week what that lump really's still kinda hard to bend over at the waist (like to shave my legs or pick something off the floor) ..must bend with the knees.

I'm going to head over the LapBandTalk and look for some "mushy" food recipes ..I'm actually looking forward to grocery shopping this weekend for some different things ..well, anything tastes different and better vs. protein shakes :0)

Nothing else new going on .. off to catch up on other blogs...


  1. Hey kristen. Two mushy recipies for you. 1) layer of refried beans, layer of mashed potatoes, shredded cheese on top. 2) layer of ricotta cheese, layer of your favorite spaghetti sauce, shredded mozarella cheese on top. YUM!

  2. You're looking great, Kristen. Don't go too hard too fast at the gym, you really are still recovering. Get LOTS of sleep, it's the best way to get your body back to good health.

  3. I can't believe your bruises! Mushie food is so much better than clear food!!

  4. Wow, those bruises are wicked. Glad you are on the mend. I loved pintos & cheese from taco bell when we got fast food at work.

  5. Good grief... my bruising twin. Feel better soon.

  6. I'm glad they look worse than they feel because OMG Kristen!!!!!

  7. My heparin shots were in my belly, and yes, it was ugly, just like your thighs! My IV spot, too - I even still have a hard lump where my IV was, almost 5 months later!

    Hang in there - the worst is behind you!!!

  8. Ow, nasty bruises! Your wounds look great, the worst is over now.
    Take it easy at the gym though, its still early days. I couldn't get up without wanting to vomit at the stage you're at now! You're doing great.

  9. Look at you and your little bruised self - you poor girl....take care of yourself - glad you are feeling better.

  10. You look like you got your ass kicked and then got stabbed a few times! Mashed sweet potatoes with a touch of maple syrup. Yum!!

  11. so glad you are feeling good :o) The worst of it is over, now on to the fun part... losing! I bruise like you too, I'm slightly anemic.

  12. Refried beans with guacamole and a dab of lowfat sour cream was my go-to meal when I started mushies. Yummy!

  13. Please only walk at the gym for 3 weeks.. you can really screw up your band if you don't let it heal properly for a few weeks. Just take it easy right now. :)

  14. Hey, Girlfriend - do you have clearance for going to the gym already? Seems so soon. Be careful. Glad your week is over and you are well on your way to feeling better.

  15. You're looking great.
    Slow down on that trip to the gym...might be way early.
    Take care of yourself.