Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Friday, April 2, 2010


(for some reason i'm having trouble cutting/ you'll excuse me if the questions are not 110% copied the right way..)

1.) If you were a super hero what would you be called or what powers would you have:

-I would be able to read minds..

-Go back in time ..and then come back to the present

-X-Ray vision (cause i'm dirty like that)

but I'm not sure what my name would be ..

2.) What's a physical/mental thing you love about yourself:

I happen to love my blue eyese the most.. and my big booo-tayyy! <--- though a smaller boo-taay would be great too!

3.) If you stood in front of God what would you ask him:

I'd ask him to point me in the direction of where my Nana was hanging out so I could go see her..

4.) Beside yourself- who is/was your biggest enabler in your weight loss journey:

I blame me.. and the makers of soft batch chocolate chip cookies..

5.) What do you do for a living:

I'm a Full Time mommy to a little (almost) 4yr old boy ..he's a slave driver.. and a Part Time Postpartum Doula.. love helping new families/mommies..

6.) What blogs hit home for you this week/made you think:

I'm drawing a blank on this one.. i've read a bunch this week .. and love the support i've gotten over the past week..

and as bonus question/answer..

7.) How did you celebrate finding out you had a surgery date?

I got a blizzard from dairy queen!! Chocolate ice cream with cookie dough chunks..


  1. A blizzard? Did you really type that out loud? That's almost grounds for taking away your ho-bag award. Now I must have one! LOL

  2. Thanks for making me drool over your celebratory Blizzard!! lol