Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm still a loser..

which is a good thing! ..

1.2 lbs

I guess since I'm in the middle of that 'special time of the month' body has decided to not hang on to excess water or anything crazy like that.. and my PMS-type cravings have gone down quite a bit already..

I decided to break out my tape measure the other day and was happy (and surprised) to see -7 inches have been lost on my body since the middle of March..It really should be a rule for all peeps out there in bloggy land to take their measurements before surgery.. it's a great NSV!!

On Tuesday night I went to the monthly support group that my hospital holds ..I went over to where I thought it was being held and then it ended up being a different building I walked down the block with a women that just passed her year anniversary.. I love chatting with people that are farther ahead in this process.. (duh! that's why I blog and read others blogs)'s always a learning experience..When we were sitting around in the Post-Op group (after the bigger group meeting with pre/post op's mixed in) ..she said she was struggling with losing the weight and dealing with the compliments/attention and she wasn't sure if she was sabotaging herself to avoid those situations..

And after hearing her talk about that ..and reading other peeps blogs on this type of subject..I wonder how this might effect me ..and the peeps in my life.

I hope that everyone can keep up with growing energy .. I feel like I have this untapped reserve of energy deep underneath all my chub.. and with the 1st 25lbs I've lost.. I can see that it's right under the surface..and can only imagine what I'll feel like after a few more sets of 25lbs come off..

Till later my little bloggy peeps..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For the ladies out there.. this is my first time going through ..that oh-so-special-time of the month-that makes ya feel so gosh darn great about being a woman! .. yeah.. something like that..

I'm head STARVING! I want sweet ..I want salty and I want to shove it real fast in my mouth!?

Oh good god I hope I can keep this under control this week ..without doing to much damage.. I don't think I really paid attention B.B (before band) or B.L (before Leenah) ..on what I was eating before this time of the month..

Well I'm paying attention and it's possibly the source of all the years of me gaining weight like a crazy fool..

I'm off to the gym before dinner .. this will be #2 this week .. I'm trying to wrap my head around the though of doing a Thanksgiving race that we hold in my town (Yes I do know that's months away) ..and maybe after building up enough endurance ..I'll be able to fast walk/jog/run?? ..

Happy Tuesday bloggy peeps!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

it's ONEderful here..

in the 100's .. 199.8 .. it's a few oz less than 200.. but still seeing that 1 vs a 2 .. huge boost..

thanks for letting me waa waaah waaaaaaah yesterday.. i really think i'm PMS'ing .. i was an emotional mess all day yesterday.. like crying at a commercial-type-mess.. love LOVE being a woman .. ;)

things that make today a happy day ..

-it's sunny! oh thank GOD it's sunny ... and it's going to be almost 84ish .. nice and warm..
-i bought a cupcake book today <--- what!? .. not really to eat ..but i have this crazy idea of starting a cupcake truck one day ..and thought who else to get recipes from ..but the baking god herself.. martha stewart..
-family picnic at my son's school .. another reason to be happy about the weather ..he's going to be so excited to see the 'bounce' house that they're setting up for the kids!!

and the best news..

i'm getting my hair done today!!

2ish hours of sitting at a salon that i love.. with ladies that love to chat about all kinds of things..

someone washing my hair and scrubbing my scalp in to pure blissful oblivion ..

getting rid of the few gray hairs that i have..

showing my hairdresser my 25lbs weight loss.. she hasn't seen me in months ..and i was 25lbs heavier then .. i hope she can see a difference! :0)

off to read some blogs before i'm off to my appointment.. happy thursday peeps!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

it's gloomy out..and i'm feeling sad..

waaa waaa waahhh...

bandster hell is not a fun place to be .. and i've been trying so hard to stay on track with a few minor slip ups.. (a cookie here and a cookie there.. in my mouth) ..

today i had two squares of thin crust pizza (with chicken on top) and a mini cheese cake the size of my palm .. i'm feeling so bleh ..and full to the brim.. like I just ate thanksgiving dinner.. and it's almost been an hour since I ate..

i taped the biggest loser last night and i'm watching it this afternoon.. and someone (forgetting who..) was talking about daris and how he 'sabotaged' himself before the weigh in .. and that's almost how i'm feeling right now..

i've been so caught up in the fact that my *one month* with Leenah<---my coming up on friday ..and i'm so close to losing 10lb ..but more than likely i'll be at an 8lb loss..that it's almost like saying to myself:

hey ..your not going to make that 10lb mark.. nice try ..but maybe some other time .. so you want that pizza.. go eat it .. and your full.. but want that cheesecake ..why don't you go for that too..

what the heck.. these are the time that i feel that i'm going to rock this band..

and it's so crazy because the other part of me .. knows i have rocked this band so far.. i've lost 25lbs since the first of the year.. and that's given me some self confidence back .. some energy back ..and a few NSV to feel good about..

i'm so hard on myself..and i'm trying to work on that .. because it doesn't do positive things for me.. it pushes me backwards ..and that's the opposite of where i want to be..

i'm going to go to the gym in an hour .. (third time this week..) and then i have to go out and help a new mama with her brand new baby.. so i'll bring a protein shake for dinner..

and i'll just hope and pray that i haven't fallen to far off the losing path..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Shorts, New Bra..good weekend!

here's a new pair of shorts i hope to wear as soon as it's hot out around here
..long enough to cover my leg dimples! :0)

thought I was a 42D ..nope i'm a 40DD
thanks lady at Victoria Secrets for measuring me and telling me about a great bra!

here's a pic of the new bra.. love it! and love how my
incisions have lost all of the surgical glue!

just me, on 5/5 to my 2week appointment early
so naturally that means a self portrait time in the car..

i'm really loving the whole shopping thing.. window shopping.. online shopping.. shopping at the at the outdoor mall..

who is this girl and why does she want to spend all of my husbands money!? :0)

today I got a bra (actually got sized for one and i've never done that before) ..and i'm a 40DD instead of a 42D like I thought I was .. who knew!? I also got a pair of bright pink shorts ..for gym and just hanging around the house..a new candle for the kitchen and got my eye brows done.. it was a great afternoon! it helped that my little dude is away for the weekend (camping with my mom&step-dad) I didn't have to worry about taking him to a million and one stores..he wouldn't have liked that as much as I did..

on the food front ..i'm feeling like i'm slowly crawling into bandster hell..i'm not staying full for long'ish periods of time ..and i'm eating a bit more at each sitting..i'm looking forward to my early june appointment and my 1st fill..

i'm still working with my band to help the weight loss continue or at least not gain.. i had a protein shake for breakfast this morning and then went out to lunch and only had three triangles of a quesadilla..not to shabby..

Saturday Dinner- A Buffalo chicken burger (no bun) and a little bit of ranch dressing for dipping
Saturday Night Snack- Ice cream (2 scoops with a big heaping tablespoon of hot fudge)
Sunday A.M- The rest of my lunch from Saturday (3 triangles of quesadilla)
Sunday Lunch- Handful of Tortilla chips and homemade salsa
Sunday Dinner- 5 "Chicken" nuggets (vegetarian chicken nuggets) :0)

And I went to the gym Sunday afternoon ..walked on the treadmill for 30min ..slow walking..but walking on a high incline.. burned almost 300 calories!

i do have a question.. do you ever get a cramp feeling on your side if you've eating a little to much? not to the point of getting stuck ..but it almost feels like a runners cramp..? maybe it just me..but i was a little worried that it was my pouch or something being angry at me.. ;)

hope everyone had a great weekend.. and that the weather in your area was just as b.e.autiful as mine over in Connecticut!! :)

ps- only 2lbs from leaving the 200's in the dust ..forever..

Monday, May 10, 2010

all kinds of T.M.I in this post..

so if it's to early to start talking about poop.. please move to the next blog.. :0)

Okay, I've heard the stories.. Pooping is different for the peeps that have the lapband ..but I guess I thought I was always a Poop champion and didn't think this would be one of my band side effects.

It is..

I only Poop tiny little bits's really frustrating! I'm not looking for a filling up the entire toilet with poo.. but common .. two little poop twigs are just not enough to feel like it's all out ..

And then today when I actually felt like I pooped out enough and did the 'look of shame' into the bowl .. I almost wanted to take a pic with my iphone (but don't worry) ..I didn't! :0)

I know logically it works like this ..less in = less out..

but it just doesn't seem right! ..oh well, I guess it's something I'll get used to..

In other TMI news ..not as scary of the poop TMI! :)

I'm 2lbs away from the big 2-5lbs of weight loss.. and wow! i'm feeling like with every pound that I lose .. a little bit more of my sexy mojo is added on .. I'm really enjoying that fun trade off :0)

Yesterday was a NSV ..

I love my Old Navy jeans ..and usually I'll get the 'Sweetheart' kind(classic rise) ..and a few months ago I picked up a pair..looked at the size and left..

Well the ones I took home were the 'Flirt' (Mid rise and they sit below the waist)..and even though they were a size 18 ..I could barely zip them up ..and oh when I could..the muffin top practically oozed out of the was sooo bad..

Yesterday I decided to try them on ..they zipped and even though they gave me a bit of a poof on top ..nothing as bad as back in October when I first bought the jeans.

I wore a not-so-tight shirt yesterday and they looked great ..

Of course I told my husband about the NSV and he just didn't 'get it' ..he thought since they were the same size that it wasn't that big of a ..sheesh! :0)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Love these guys!!

my son and my brand new nephew!! i love these guys ...and i hope they'll always be close & become great friends through the years..

don't hate me!!

i feel like i'm having a hard time catching up with my own life these days.. and i'm hoping for a really boring and un-eventful week to make up for this past week full of craziness.

that little dude that my son is holding.. kept me waiting at the hospital at almost 1a.m ..on Monday night..still feel like I'm catching up on my sleep from that..

i've been helping a new mama that's having a little bit of an adjustment period after having her baby last week ..i love my Postpartum doula job's just all kinds of exhausting sometimes..

my husband has been out late three out of the five week days last week from all sorts of things ..and that means dinner/bath/bedtime has been my responsibility ..which isn't a huge deal..just tiring..

i'm hoping that since tomorrow is Mothers day .. it kicks off a really quiet week..that's my Mothers day wish!! :0)

Oh and speaking of this past week .. I passed my two week surgery date and had my two week appointment..
Just a lot of chatting on how I'm feeling (which is great!!) .. and how to make this band work to my full advantage.. making good food choices and chewing properly and avoiding bread/pasta/rice (which I'll ad hear to at least 84% of the time) ..

She said my incisions look great and I'll be able to come in for a fill at my 6 week visit. She told me not to get discouraged and to expect a slow down of weight or even a gain.. (duh that's bandster hell!!) I'm just trying to hang on till that date.

I'm happy to be almost five lbs since surgery and that isn't a huge number ..but it makes me feel good ..and it's almost a bit over 2lbs a week ..
Must work on getting more liquid in during the day .. (maybe if I type this out enough it will really happen) .. and I bought a box of protein bars to keep in my bag ..just in case i'm in a pinch and need some band-friendly food..

Happy mommy day to all of you all out there with children.. it's a hard job ..but it's the best hard job I've ever had..

ps- got the green light for cardio at the gym ..just no lifting for another 4 weeks.. back to the gym tomorrow afternoon..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

all sorts of random news..

my sister in law and her baby boy!!

what I had for lunch the other day..
tuna, cheddar cheese, crackers

I've been so darn busy ..
Yesterday I sat at the hospital waiting on my first nephew to come in to the world.. he took his sweet time ..but since he's cute ..I think we'll keep him :0)

I'm working for a woman that just had a baby last week ..she's hired me for some Postpartum work and I'm heading over there for a few hours tonight..

My son had his four year physical yesterday afternoon and took his three shots like a champ!

In band news.. I'm down another 1lb (even thought I was up 3lbs yesterday!?) ..
I really think that my 'swelling' has gone down ..and I'm guessing that i've entered in to the zone ..Bandster Hell zone! I feel like I'm eating more ..but I could just be a 'normal' amount after barely eating for weeks ..

I'm glad that I have my two week appointment tomorrow morning ..and maybe we can talk about making an appointment for a fill in about a month from now ..since I think he'll do one 6 weeks out..

Things I've been eating:
-Garden Burger w/a slice of cheese
-Scrambled eggs
-Cream of Wheat
-A handful of dry cereal (a quick snack)
-Carnation instant breakfast
-Crabcakes (yum)
-Egg rolls from chilis! (for takeout on friday!) was able to eat one whole egg was yum!

I'm still having trouble getting in all my water.. I'll forget ..and then want to wait an hour after eating..and then forget after that's not good..

We did pick up 1/2 a watermelon at the grocery store this weekend.. I think I might cube that up and snack on that today .. get a bit of water that way..

Hope everyone is doing good.. I haven't read blogs in a few days.. off to catch up now..