Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Over the Carb hump?

Is this what it feels like to be released from the grips of carbs..??

Where did my hungry feeling go? Cause I'm not feeling it anymore?? No more intense rumbling in my belly every time I think of food..

I am feeling a little bit emotional today ..and tired like the rest of the days this week.. and got to take another nap ..which is making me feel better tonight..

My husband has had a meeting and working late twice this week ..which means I haven't been to the gym since Sunday.. feeling a bit bummed about that..and even though I was worried about working out with not a lot in my belly .. I'm wondering if that's why I'm feeling so sluggish this week.

I really don't even want to drink my shakes anymore..but I know I have to I'll keep it up..

My cousin is thinking about having the Lap-Band surgery too and I hope that I can be inspiring to her through out my journey and help her out as much as I can ..

I'm excited for a few things coming up ..

-my husband is home tomorrow and we're going to go do something fun as a family!

-I have a Pre-Op physical tomorrow afternoon (I'm not excited for this..but excited it will take up time) ..which reminds me .. I need to do some blood work too..

-My son's birthday party is on Saturday a.m ..and he's been so excited for weeks..I love seeing him have fun with his little buddies.. and it's at a local museum (which means no messy house for me!) :0)

-We're thinking about buying a swing set for our little dude's birthday and I told my husband that I would hand him parts and tools while he works on it!

-There's a support group meeting through the hospital I'm having my surgery at ..and I'm meeting up with someone that had her surgery two weeks ago there..

-Less than one week till my surgery!! :0)

if this seemed like a post with no point .. it is.. just want to put all these thoughts out there..


  1. Yup-coming out of the grip of carbs is an amazing feeling. I was tired the first week without them, then the energy picked up. Glad your doing well. Have a Happy party for your son.

  2. As soon as the pre-op was over, I went back to carbs!! lol I can't give them up.

  3. OMG you are so close to getting there!!!! The band helps so much with the carb cravings, seriously. Excited for you!!!!

  4. wow...our banding dates are close. Perhaps we can be buddies???
    I'm on 4/26...what is your date??? I'm on day 5 (of 14) of slim-fast only and I don't know how I'll make it.