Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Friday, April 30, 2010

Cupcake Truck..

do you see that yellow truck over on the left ..

and this long line of people?

all standing in a long line for these little puppies..well not puppies..but cupcakes..

I decided to take your advice about not pushing the physical activity just yet..and haven't gone to the gym yet..instead I walked to get a cupcake! That really was the better of the two choices right? ..gym or cupcakes..

I've been following a Cupcake Truck for the past two years ..but it's about a 40min drive from where I live ..and even though I'm a foodie..I just never made it down there's one about 10min from where I live and ..I had to try it out!

I wasn't really all that impressed ..but I'm hard to please ..and I felt like a food critic picking them apart ..looking for flaws.. Thanks to my band I only had a pinch off the top (of all of them) ..not even really equalling a whole bite.

I would love to do something like this .. it made me daydream about my own cupcake truck all day yesterday! :)

In Band/Food news: Yesterday was #1 day of Mushies ..and I had a Bacon/Egg/Cheese Sandwich at Panera Bread ..minus the bacon and the bread.. :0) Just egg and cheese ..and a hot chocolate.. I know I'm not supposed to drink after eating..but I did just a sip or two..but it didn't really affect me and I waited till lunch to have anything else..

I had a protein shake for lunch and then I had four mini meat balls for dinner ..cut in 1/2 and chewed and chewed veryy slowwwlyyy.. felt a little 'traffic jam' ..but it passed.

Today I had a Carnation instant breakfast and a handful of dry cereal..

and for lunch my son requested French Toast (he's strange) and I made that for him ..and then I made French Toast scrambled eggs for me..(cinnamon/vanilla/milk) ..two eggs and I was able to eat all of them ..slowly..i used my son's plate with his left over syrup ..and they were very very yumm-o..

It's nap time around this house.. so I'm going to read some blogs and watch my soaps for an hour.. very housewifey of me ..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One week ago..

oh heparin shot..we are sooo not friends..ouch
oh hi there!! ..looking pretty 'normal' a week after

(sorry about the droopy boob in the right corner)
my incisions are looking great and the glue is hanging on tight..

you can see all five incisions and my hand bruise from my iv
and under my left boob area..some sort of skin irritation after surgery..

looks worse than it feels :0)

I'm so glad that this week is behind me ..after months of anticipation and then having to go through the pain of surgery and recovering this week.. it feels good to start moving past this stage..

Hungry did decide to show up and seems to be just in time ..because I get to start 'mushy' food tomorrow and might have something in that category tonight for dinner..hopefully that will keep Hungry away and I can keep Leenah happy while trying out this new food stage..

I'm still only down three solid pounds since surgery day ..and hope to get back to the gym this weekend.. I was going to head over to the gym last night, ..but it seems like by the end of the day i'm tired and a tiny bit sore.. Gas is gone ..but the "port" area is kinda painful .. seems like I have a tiny bump (almost feels like the point of my elbow) ..I'm going to ask my doc next week what that lump really's still kinda hard to bend over at the waist (like to shave my legs or pick something off the floor) ..must bend with the knees.

I'm going to head over the LapBandTalk and look for some "mushy" food recipes ..I'm actually looking forward to grocery shopping this weekend for some different things ..well, anything tastes different and better vs. protein shakes :0)

Nothing else new going on .. off to catch up on other blogs...

Monday, April 26, 2010

The 5th day and some thoughts..

Here are some thoughts:

I felt really good yesterday .. too good that I think I over did it a little bit and felt kind of sore by the end of the night. I'm down to taking paid meds right before bed and that's it..

I'm having trouble remembering to eat..(c-r-a-z-y) and it seems like all hunger has packed it's bags and went on a small vacation ...

Yesterday I had a hot chocolate from starbucks (not sugar free) but it tasted so warm and soothing to my angry little belly. I also had about three bites of mashed up potato salad (mostly took tiny bites of the egg) ..and about a 1/2 cup of soup that I found over at Lap Band Living's Blog (I'd link it ..but I have the hardest time with links..) and some vitamin water..but not enough..

I swear more water today..(I think I said that the other day..but I really mean it today)

Today I've had a protein shake and for lunch another 1/2 cup of soup.. (oh and three salt and vinigar chips aka bad bad bad) ..

My port area is the only area that's bothering me today .. it's hard to bend over ..or when i'm sitting up and leaning forward ..I seem to lean right on it..hoping that goes away soon..

And I'm still having some "gas" pain kind of feeling like I need to burp (but can't) and it's a pain in my chest area.. a little bit annyoing.. :0)

Cream of wheat has been a great friend to me (after the first time trying to eat it) and really fills me up for a while..

I'm down to 205 which is 3lbs less than surgery day ..which is great..and that makes it 20lbs since starting this whole crazy journey. I hope Leenah continues to help me out and I hope she's being nice to that big organ called my stomach .. I can't see her ..but I know she's doing all she can right now.

Happy Monday everyone!

ps-Thinking of you Cindylew Who!! :0) It's your big day!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day #3 with Leenah

Here's a few pics from the last couple of days..not the best quality..taken with my iphone because my hubby didn't think it was 'safe' to bring my good camera ..
the second pic is semi-graphic of my incisions .. scroll fast down the page if you want to skip that part..
flowers that my hubby picked and put near me in the living room..

five little incisions and one bloated belly

my set up at the hospital

view from my bed

looking out my hospital room window..

I last took pain meds around 9:30 last night and I think that helped me stay asleep in my bed all night long.. and that felt really good. It's starting to get annoying to lay on my back (i'm a side sleeper) and hope I'll start feeling a bit better to lay on my side least for a little part of the night.

I started out today with a protein shake ..made with about 6oz of milk and it took me about 10min to finish it. I'm not sure if i'm drinking things to fast.. but I feel fine as I'm doing it it should be okay.

Today for "lunch" I made more cream of wheat and was able to finish it all in about 15ish min ..I made it with hot water and added a splash of milk .. made it nice and smooth.. I did notice a little bit of pain in my back if I didn't slow down a bit.. gas or band pain?

Sitting on the couch with my heating pad and sipping on vitamin water ..happy that everyday seems to get a bit better..

Friday, April 23, 2010

So we left off with me on the couch..

and that's where I stayed for most of the day ..

I would get up to do laps around the house and to take pain meds.. but other than that I just napped and watched some of my shows on tv. while my hubby painted the downstairs bathroom..

my husband left around 4:30 to pick up our boy at school and went to his mom's house for dinner.. he came back and made me some chicken broth and that was super yummy again..

last night i went upstairs about 9:30 and slept till 3:30 ..and had to come downstairs for some more pain meds and to go potty.. TMI ---> i have so much GAS!! it shoots out like a rocket from my booty.. it's crazy amounts..but feels really good to get that out of my tummy. i was hoping and praying that my dudes upstairs didn't hear me so early in the a.m ..

today i've already taken a shower (which was great!) and tried to make/eat some cream of wheat ..but it was to thick and kind of hurt sitting in there (pain was in my back) I dumped that out and i'm going to try a carnation instant breakfast in a bit .. i think i'm getting hungry..and need more in me that just broth and vitamin water! :0)

thanks for the warm welcome in to the world of the banded ..

i'm not sure anyone else has this name ..but i'm naming my band: Leenah

as in Leenah and Meenah and eatin Greenah .. or something like that ..can you tell i'm loopy on meds?!

off to read some other peeps blogs ..happy friday everyone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

to the other side..

I made it bloggy peeps!! Thanks for all your support yesterday .. it means so much to me that I have a kick butt group of you guys there for kind words and encouragement.

So here's my story..

Yesterday morning we did some errands and I picked up the loratab ..walked around Toy's R Us to buy our little dude a swingset for his birthday. We stopped back at home real quick and then headed out to the hospital.

I knew I was getting nervous because of how silent I was in the car.. my husband was trying so hard to keep the mood light and make me laugh..

I checked in and changed into my b-e-autiful gown.. it was an XL and purple so I looked like a purple oompaloopa .. it was great fun! :0)

I got my vitals checked and then my IV put in and a shot of heparin (ouchie!) .. and then we waited.. and waited.. surgery was supposed to be at 1:30 ..but I didn't get down to the Pre-Op area until 2:30pm ..that's where I met up with the surgical team and my anesthesia dude..

3pm came and that's when I smooched my hubby good bye and they wheeled me into the OR..

That's when I was getting even more nervous.. I asked if it was almost time for that 'happy juice' ..and that did that for me..and that was the last thing I remember..

The next thing I was waking up in recovery.. I was sore and wanted to wake up and talk ..but my mouth/throat felt stuffed with cotton .. the nurse hooked me up with some more pain meds and I was able to suck on a sponge-on-a-stick.. it was just enough to wet my mouth and get my voice back.

I made it up to my room around 6:30pm hubby stayed a little bit ..and then I sent him home so he could pick up our dude from our inlaws house. He set up my bedside table with my chapstick/brush/magazines.. and made sure I was all set before he left.. I didn't even want to read them or watch tv.. I just kinda spaced out and looked out the window and tried to close my eyes..

I got up and walked around about 8:30 and then tried to get some pee out ..and I couldn't .. so I walked around some more and tried again .. it's almost 9:30 by this point and I haven't pee'd since 11:30am .. and you know what that means..catheter time! :( boooo!!! I had one of these when I had my son ..and they are the opposite of fun. The going in part isn't's just the constant feeling of having to pee..even though your bladder is empty ..drives me nuts..

I was crying at that point ..I was spent from the whole day and disappointed because up until that point ..everything had seemed so easy..

My sweet nurse gave me some more pain meds and benadryl to help me rest and go to sleep..I slept from 11pm-4am ..and that point they removed my catheter and I did some more laps around the floor.

I ended up going pee on my own around 8am ..and that was the best feeling in the world..

Then I had to go down to xray and take a few sips of that yum-o barium and got to watch it pass through my top pouch to my bottom part of my stomach ..which was pretty cool.. he said it looked beautiful and that I could start drinking now.

I've never been so happy to sip crystal light ..and some hot chicken broth.. mm mmm good!

Then my surgeon met up with me when I was in my room and he told me how easy my surgery went and how great my liver was (all that hard work on my pre-op was worth it) ..and that he'll see me in two weeks for a check up..

My little incisions are not painful ..just my abs kind of hurt.. (like to many sit up ..) no gas pain (yet) ..and I'm super happy to be home in my own house..on my own couch..

Thanks again for the support and I'll catch up you all soon..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here I go..

Just got the call that I've been waiting for all morning ..

I'm going in at 11:30 a.m for a 1:30 p.m surgery..

I actually hoping for a bit of nerves I don't have to feel the hunger pains until 1:30p.m!! :0) Ah..but that seems like no big deal at this point.

My house looks nice and clean .. laundry is done..dishwasher is running right now bag is packed and i'm on my way..

I'm going to leave my computer at home ..but I'm going to bring my camera to take lots of pics.. and I'll try to post as soon as I get home on Thursday at least let everyone know that i've made it to the other side..

My hubby is going to fill my pain meds heating pad is ready to be fired up and gas-x is in the bathroom cabinet..

I think I might pick up some more magazines tomorrow and maybe squeeze in a pedi know, to keep my mind of hunger and all ;0) .. see ya bloggy peeps..

I'll introduce you to the newest member of my family Thursday.. ((hugs))

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning and doing wash.. a crazy person!

i know my husband is very capable of keeping up with the house and little chores around here..

but i have the urge to get all the wash done and put away.. wash the blankets we keep in the living room (for snuggling while i nap after surgery!).. i've cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, my sons room ..vacuumed.. my little dude even "helped" me dust today.

feels very much like "nesting" and if your not familiar with that term wiki it! it's what i'm going through today :0)

my mom was super sweet and brought over the soap that i need to wash with before surgery and some magazines to flip through while i'm staying over at the hospital..moms are great!!

thanks to amy w. for letting us post our bloggy link in her blog comments ..and hello new followers.. i'm trying to add you all too..

i can't believe i'm only two sleeps away from surgery..

i'm feeling calm and thankful that i have my peeps out in blog-land to help me afterwards ..with my questions and such ..

more rambling tomorrow i'm sure ..

Rainbows and Frolicking through the flowers..

isn't how anyone described this lapband journey ..and from here on out i'm going to try and remember that and "keep calm and carry on" :0)

thanks to:


for making me feel less craptastic than I did all weekend..

and jenny hit the nail on the head .. about hating everyone that could 'eat' .. that's exactly how I felt this weekend..

..and made me realize that's how I did so well all week husband is at work all day and ate at his mom's house for dinner (taking the boy with him) so I didn't have to worry at all about yummy stuff last sun-through this friday ..

it was just this weekend that I was feeling sorry for myself and filling myself up with self doubt..while everyone ate yummy good looking/smelling food! :0)

i'm back to my shakes today and maybe a lean cuisine tonight ..but I'm not feeling so desperate anymore..

wednesday is almost here!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Questioning myself..

Okay, this isn't going to be a real deep post .. ..but this is mother-freakin hard..

and your saying to yourself "I know.. you wrote that yesterday.." with a roll of the eyes..

I'm just putting my feelings and all things real here.. I don't want to scare anyone that hasn't gone through this..because I really in my heart believe that everyone that goes through the whole band process.. does it a smidgen different from everyone else.

And I'm not even banded yet!

I've heard that this is the hardest part of the journey and I really in my heart believe that (might change my mind after the surgery..but it's what I believe right now) ..

I really thought all along that I would have NO problems at all sticking with the protein shakes 3x a day and breeze through 11 days of the Pre-Op diet..

I even kept holding on to that faith during the first few days after feeling cruddy from the lack of carbs and I thought I had crawled over the carb hump..And I still think I made it past that part ..but the headaches didn't go away and I just felt generally crummy..

I just wanted real food.. nothing crazy.. not the doughnuts at my son's party, or the KFC that my husband brought home for lunch yesterday ..but just something warm and healthy and some-what satisfying.

I know I posted about about struggling with wanting to eat a lean cuisine and you ladies were great with trying to talk me off the ledge of food.. but the lean cuisine won.. (don't hate me!!)

I did a lot of reading on LBT and it seemed like the point of a Pre-Op was to lower your carbs and that's what really helped your liver.. (well, this is what made me feel like I wasn't drowning my pre-op woes in a Big Mac) .. so I had a yummy ..filling..satisfiying lean cuisine ..and my headache went away .. and I just felt "better'" last night.

I think I'll confess to my surgeons office in the a.m .. I don't want to waste anyones time by not telling them and having a fat filled liver ..or something crazy like that..

I'm having one last lean cuisine tonight for dinner and then Monday/Tuesday shakes..Wednesday is the surgery..

This whole thing (the past two days) have been so emotional and upsetting to me.. I was questioning my choice to have the band .. my lack of control over needing food vs. shakes..and could I even do this..

My husband has been great and he's told me a number of times how well I've done and that he wouldn't have lasted one day ;0)

All the planning/thinking about it/waiting and waiting..did not prepare me for feeling so unsure of myself and decisions..

I hope after Wednesday I can put this dreaded 11days behind me and feel like a semi-stronger person..

Thanks again for the love yesterday .. I know nobody else can understand half of what I'm saying other than you peeps..


Saturday, April 17, 2010

I would trade my left leg..

for something as silly as a lean cuisine!

could i skip all of my protein shakes and have that?!

i'm dying here peeps! ..dying.. headache from hell during the past two days.. i'm losing it ..

this is hard..

really hard..

i don't want junk or anything bad.. ...but i miss food .. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

less dramatic posts to resume after wednesday.. i hope..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Over the Carb hump?

Is this what it feels like to be released from the grips of carbs..??

Where did my hungry feeling go? Cause I'm not feeling it anymore?? No more intense rumbling in my belly every time I think of food..

I am feeling a little bit emotional today ..and tired like the rest of the days this week.. and got to take another nap ..which is making me feel better tonight..

My husband has had a meeting and working late twice this week ..which means I haven't been to the gym since Sunday.. feeling a bit bummed about that..and even though I was worried about working out with not a lot in my belly .. I'm wondering if that's why I'm feeling so sluggish this week.

I really don't even want to drink my shakes anymore..but I know I have to I'll keep it up..

My cousin is thinking about having the Lap-Band surgery too and I hope that I can be inspiring to her through out my journey and help her out as much as I can ..

I'm excited for a few things coming up ..

-my husband is home tomorrow and we're going to go do something fun as a family!

-I have a Pre-Op physical tomorrow afternoon (I'm not excited for this..but excited it will take up time) ..which reminds me .. I need to do some blood work too..

-My son's birthday party is on Saturday a.m ..and he's been so excited for weeks..I love seeing him have fun with his little buddies.. and it's at a local museum (which means no messy house for me!) :0)

-We're thinking about buying a swing set for our little dude's birthday and I told my husband that I would hand him parts and tools while he works on it!

-There's a support group meeting through the hospital I'm having my surgery at ..and I'm meeting up with someone that had her surgery two weeks ago there..

-Less than one week till my surgery!! :0)

if this seemed like a post with no point .. it is.. just want to put all these thoughts out there..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bacon!! i want bacon!!

i feel like if i hadn't already made up my mind 110% to have this surgery .. that i would be throwing in the towel today..

i feel weak and tired and cranky and dizzy ..

i've gone to bed hungry every night since sunday ..

i've had a few episodes of "cheating"

-two goldfish
-two cheerios
-a cracker

oh my god i want my carbs back!!!

waaaaa waaaa waaaaa :(

i want to shove a big-greasy-cheesy-bacon filled burger in my mouth right now ..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a small change..

2.22 and 4.13 2010
223 and 213
not a huge amount lost
but i can see it!
baby steps..

just a lick of grilled cheese?!

my son only had 1/2 of his grilled cheese last night for dinner and oooh baby did I want to eat the rest of that oooyeegooey goodness ..

instead i took pictures of it with my iphone ..
i'm allowed to have 1C of raw veggies along with my shakes .. and I had a 1/2C of cucumber yesterday with some spray on dressing.. and I totally licked the plate with no shame .., well..without a whole lot of shame..

this is hard.. and i went to bed hungry last night ..
i hoping that today is easier ..and that i won't feel lightheaded/dizzy like I did last night ..not a good feeling..

but do you know what is a good feeling!! standing on the scale at a new low .. in a long time ..213!!

so i've successfully passed a 10lb mark and that means 10 new songs on itunes!! whooo!! searching for songs should take up some time this a.m .. and keep me away from my kitchen..

ps- i lost a follwer/reader.. and though i'm not quiet sure who it is .. i'm just a little bummed to have lost one either way.. i'm trying to be a better poster that leaves lots of comments/support to the other peeps out there fighting this good fight.. thanks to the followers/readers that are sticking with me .. ((hugs))

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pro's and Con's ..

Thanks again to Catherine Chronicles from Band Land for inspiring me to think about these things and get them all in one spot.. I can't wait to re-read this weeks/months/a year from now..

here's the link to her pro/con list:

The Con's:

-Having some sort of medical complication from surgery

-Feeling like I can't eat "anything" that I did before band..and really miss that "something"

-Stuck/PB/Sliming .. all those fun things you read about in blogs or on LapBandTalk ..

-Being afraid of cooking/baking for my family ..and I don't even know why ..

-Having extra skin ..flapping in the wind :0)

-Not being able to order anything off the menu at a restaurant other than ..soup..

The Pro's

-Being at a healthy/"normal"/weight and BMI

-Buying clothes and having fun while doing it

-Looking my best and feeling that confidence when I walk out my door..

-More motivation for working out and keeping up with it (since it might be a bit easier w/less lbs)

-Wanting to go out more rather than skipping an event ..just because I can't find something to wear/feel extra fat that day/ect ect ..

-Not want to puke when I see myself in a bathing suit

-Feeling more comfortable in my "birthday suit"!! :0)

-I really want to buy cute bra's and undies ..

-And the bath towel going all the way around me .. that would be nice..

-Even though I don't really have a reason to wear them.. wearing high heel shoes and looking forward to dressing up for a wedding/party/ect.. instead of dreading it ..

Now some other things to look forward to ..other than food!

Every 10lbs gone = 10 songs on itunes .. and I'll post my picks in case anyone else is looking for some good stuff for the ipod..

20lbs lost = new gym sneakers .. I need some ..put I'd like to put in a little bit more work before I buy them..

30lbs lost = spend my 60$ I have in Old Navy money (from Christmas that I've saved) and then give myself 40$ to make it a 100$ dollar shopping trip!

And then after 30lbs I'll come back and make another list of rewards for the last 30-40lbs ..


Thoughts on my 1st day of Pre-Op diet ..

I did good .. it was hard ..but I made it through .. and I feel like this week won't be so hard .. it's the weekends where it feels tricky..(less in control of food choices)..

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and then met my husband/little dude over at my Mother-in-law's house for Sunday dinner (we've been doing this for years) .. I was thinking of the things I would have eaten if I wasn't on this..

-the salsa and chips that were out on the table ..
-the m&m's that are in her little candy dish .. the jellybeans left over from Easter ..still on a dish on her living room table..
-dinner (duh) ..

And that wasn't hard for me .. just realizing how much I picked/snacked before .. without even thinking I was doing anything wrong.. but those little things add up!

So I came home and had my Protein shake and felt fine for the rest of the night .. 1 day down.. 10 to go!!

Happy Monday everyone!

ps- I did take more "before" pics ..but .. I'll share those in a few less lbs for a comparison pic! :0)

I don't even eat this crap!

But believe me .. I eat a whole lot of other crap! :0) And all of this stuff looked yummy and ultra tempting today. Do you know why all this stuff might be tempting to someone that doesn't even eat it?

a.) I'm crazy

b.) I'm scared

c.) It's the 1st day of 11 days of Pre-Op diet

d.) All of the above

Did you say 'd' .. well then DING DING DING (and not the sugary ones) we have a winner!! I'm all of those things today and it's only day one!

I have lots and lots of confidence that I can do this.. it just seems a bit overwhelming today..

"Work in Progress" me has decided to stick around for the long haul ..and I feel like I did really good last week..

Tried really hard to work on portion sizes ..

Went to the gym three times ..and had great sweat-filled workouts

I'm still having a hard time getting in all my water .. but it's an improvement to what I'm used to drinking during the day.

I'm working on a post (maybe to be put up tonight) .. with some more before pics.. cause who doesn't love a little bit of torture on a Sunday! :0)

And I was inspired by reading Catherine's Blog:
to make a Pro/Con list .. I think it helps to have small goals along the way to a big one ..with some non-food rewards.

So here's to 11 days of more protein shakes that I could ever ever want to drink in my entire life...

here's a pic of my little dude as we were leaving the grocery store today .. he was having a full blown "pretend" converstation on his "phone" .. filled with "uh huh's" and pausing to let the other person talk too .. he's got quite the imagination .. :0)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The best "me" that I can be..

Did anyone else the Oprah yesterday? ..

I watched it on DVR this morning ..and it was thought provoking..

Oprah said her battle with food was over .. and I think what she's saying is she's choosing not to use food as a drug ..and the woman that was on her show(Kathrine) had been there before to show off an amazing weight loss.. only to come back years later with having gained all of the weight back..

"I knew things were out of control with the first 20 pounds, and then I said, "Forget the whole thing,"she says. "It became a complete self-sabotage at that point. I began to hide. I began to feel I wasn't worthy anymore." -Kathrine

And that is something I would think many times in the past ten years that I've gained my extra weight.. I would think about how I've gained a few pounds .. or had made bad food choices and gave myself some sort of permission to keep going down that dangerous path..

I feel like I value myself/my health/my happiness a lot more then I ever did .. and I think it's how I've found the courage to go through all the work to get to this point (waiting on WLS) and having the strength and courage to go through with the surgery and have to live with this "tool" for the rest of my life.

I know your not supposed to lose weight for anyone but yourself .. but for me ..I feel like I woke up when my son was born. I struggled a bit after he was born with some postpartum depression and worried why I ever thought it was a good idea to be this responsible for another human being..

He made me(still makes me) want to be the best I could be ..not anything beyond that ..just the best me..

I got some help from a therapist and got my PPD under control .. and i'm happy to have a therapist still in my life to help me through/during this new chapter of WLS..

I want to be healthy/happy for myself to fully enjoy my little family and all the other great things in life..

I didn't make the best food choices this weekend .. went to P.F Changs for the first time (yum!) and then there was the whole Easter food fest 2010 on Sunday .. and I had a hard time resisting the candy that was around the house yesterday..

Old me: Oh well .. let's just keep the party going and it's the last week before your pre-op diet just live it up.

Work-in-Progress me: Oh well.. Not a big deal..but let's work out at the gym (last night) and bag up all the Easter candy to have my husband bring it to work with him.. Let's work on getting back on track with a Protein shake for breakfast and lunch and meeting my water goal for the day..

I really like this "Work-in-Progress" me .. I hope she sticks around and puts up a good fight against "Old me" ..

Here's the link to Oprah's website and the story if you missed it on tv:
Kathrine and Oprah

Friday, April 2, 2010


(for some reason i'm having trouble cutting/ you'll excuse me if the questions are not 110% copied the right way..)

1.) If you were a super hero what would you be called or what powers would you have:

-I would be able to read minds..

-Go back in time ..and then come back to the present

-X-Ray vision (cause i'm dirty like that)

but I'm not sure what my name would be ..

2.) What's a physical/mental thing you love about yourself:

I happen to love my blue eyese the most.. and my big booo-tayyy! <--- though a smaller boo-taay would be great too!

3.) If you stood in front of God what would you ask him:

I'd ask him to point me in the direction of where my Nana was hanging out so I could go see her..

4.) Beside yourself- who is/was your biggest enabler in your weight loss journey:

I blame me.. and the makers of soft batch chocolate chip cookies..

5.) What do you do for a living:

I'm a Full Time mommy to a little (almost) 4yr old boy ..he's a slave driver.. and a Part Time Postpartum Doula.. love helping new families/mommies..

6.) What blogs hit home for you this week/made you think:

I'm drawing a blank on this one.. i've read a bunch this week .. and love the support i've gotten over the past week..

and as bonus question/answer..

7.) How did you celebrate finding out you had a surgery date?

I got a blizzard from dairy queen!! Chocolate ice cream with cookie dough chunks..


is not my surgery date! ..

it was... but then she called back an hour after I got home and gave me a date of 4/21 instead!!

woooo!! i have a date i have a daaaaaaaaaaaaaate! a date a little day in history of dates..

a band date..

not a band-aid..

not a blind date..

a band date!

six months since starting this whole crazy adventure.. and one month shy of two years that this little idea of getting this done was in my mind..

thanks for following along peeps..more thoughts on this later.. i'm now off to enjoy the sunshine and get a little vitamin d ..