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Friday, April 30, 2010

Cupcake Truck..

do you see that yellow truck over on the left ..

and this long line of people?

all standing in a long line for these little puppies..well not puppies..but cupcakes..

I decided to take your advice about not pushing the physical activity just yet..and haven't gone to the gym yet..instead I walked to get a cupcake! That really was the better of the two choices right? ..gym or cupcakes..

I've been following a Cupcake Truck for the past two years ..but it's about a 40min drive from where I live ..and even though I'm a foodie..I just never made it down there's one about 10min from where I live and ..I had to try it out!

I wasn't really all that impressed ..but I'm hard to please ..and I felt like a food critic picking them apart ..looking for flaws.. Thanks to my band I only had a pinch off the top (of all of them) ..not even really equalling a whole bite.

I would love to do something like this .. it made me daydream about my own cupcake truck all day yesterday! :)

In Band/Food news: Yesterday was #1 day of Mushies ..and I had a Bacon/Egg/Cheese Sandwich at Panera Bread ..minus the bacon and the bread.. :0) Just egg and cheese ..and a hot chocolate.. I know I'm not supposed to drink after eating..but I did just a sip or two..but it didn't really affect me and I waited till lunch to have anything else..

I had a protein shake for lunch and then I had four mini meat balls for dinner ..cut in 1/2 and chewed and chewed veryy slowwwlyyy.. felt a little 'traffic jam' ..but it passed.

Today I had a Carnation instant breakfast and a handful of dry cereal..

and for lunch my son requested French Toast (he's strange) and I made that for him ..and then I made French Toast scrambled eggs for me..(cinnamon/vanilla/milk) ..two eggs and I was able to eat all of them ..slowly..i used my son's plate with his left over syrup ..and they were very very yumm-o..

It's nap time around this house.. so I'm going to read some blogs and watch my soaps for an hour.. very housewifey of me ..


  1. Holy crap! There's a cupcake truck? Quick...send him to Palm Bay, Florida! Mama wants a cupcake! :)

  2. Now I want a cupcake or 6 of them....

  3. hmm cupcakes
    french toast scrambled eggs? sounds delightful! i might have to try that! :-)

  4. A cupcake truck. Seriously. Have you thought about slashing the tires so he has to sit there all day???

  5. Wow, what a great idea...A CUPCAKE TRUCK! Jump on it baby! SO happy I found you!
    Congrats on the band!

  6. Now I'm hungry...thanks a lot! ;-)

  7. Who ever heard of a cupcake truck???? No one here in New Jersey, I can tell you that. Strange with such a huge following that they weren't especially delicious.