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Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning and doing wash.. a crazy person!

i know my husband is very capable of keeping up with the house and little chores around here..

but i have the urge to get all the wash done and put away.. wash the blankets we keep in the living room (for snuggling while i nap after surgery!).. i've cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, my sons room ..vacuumed.. my little dude even "helped" me dust today.

feels very much like "nesting" and if your not familiar with that term wiki it! it's what i'm going through today :0)

my mom was super sweet and brought over the soap that i need to wash with before surgery and some magazines to flip through while i'm staying over at the hospital..moms are great!!

thanks to amy w. for letting us post our bloggy link in her blog comments ..and hello new followers.. i'm trying to add you all too..

i can't believe i'm only two sleeps away from surgery..

i'm feeling calm and thankful that i have my peeps out in blog-land to help me afterwards ..with my questions and such ..

more rambling tomorrow i'm sure ..


  1. Well, you will be bring home a new edition to the family - your band. Have you named it yet?

  2. Lots and lots of luck for your surgery, i'm less then 4 weeks from surgery and feel fine now, pretty much normal (also eating like normal which is not so good!!)

  3. You are so close!! I had that nesting phase too. Super weird!