Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bacon!! i want bacon!!

i feel like if i hadn't already made up my mind 110% to have this surgery .. that i would be throwing in the towel today..

i feel weak and tired and cranky and dizzy ..

i've gone to bed hungry every night since sunday ..

i've had a few episodes of "cheating"

-two goldfish
-two cheerios
-a cracker

oh my god i want my carbs back!!!

waaaaa waaaa waaaaa :(

i want to shove a big-greasy-cheesy-bacon filled burger in my mouth right now ..


  1. You can do it, just hang in there! Check out my early days on the pre-op diet. Day three was a nightmare for me and I wanted to quit. HOWEVER, it is so worth it to not give in and keep at it Kristen!! Good Luck!

  2. :-) you can do it! almost time!!

  3. Hang in there - it is sooooo worth it in the end!

  4. Agreed with the girls. You can do this. You are doing an amazing job! This is the hard part. Boullian (sp?) cube really helped me. Whoever invented it is a genius!!

  5. Keep your eye on the prize. You're almost there. You can do this.

  6. I agree with everyone else...You can do it. Yest it sucks at first, but we all get thoguht it. You can too! :)

  7. Thanks ladies!! I ended up laying across my bed and taking a nap (yay for my boy being at pre-school) ..and feel better right now..

    It's so nice to know that I'm not the 1st or last person to have to go through this to get what we're all going after ..the band/being healthy!


    Went back and read your pre-op stories Jen..might have to add some ice and make my dinner a 'milkshake' too :0)

  8. I have said this before...and I will say it again... pre-op is the hardest part of this journey... at least it was for me. You will get through it and you will be so glad you did! Good luck!

  9. I agree-you will get through this-I think we all went through the bad carb withdrawal. It took me until day 5 to feel a bit better and day 9 before I wanted to just forget about eating. And yes I had some cheats-crackers a few nights. Missed them carbs. Goldfish-I ate them when I was supposed to be on liquids post-op. They were like mana from heaven. Try reading some of our blogs during those pre-op days to see you aren't alone.

  10. I started pre-op on April 4th. My surgery date is also April 21st. Although I am 20 years older than you, I was glad to find someone having surgery the same date. I can have 3 protein drinks (aka: slim fast) but I use Carnation Instant Breakfast and 2 cups skim milk instead and mix my own. I also add a scoop of whey protein (Any Whey)which adds 17 grams of extra protein to it and a teaspoon of Benefiber. This keep me full for several hours. After the first 3 days I was able to add in a small salad and then the day before surgery is nothing but liquids.

    I also will be taking a stool softener the day before to help with the side affects of the anesthesia and pain medication. I spoke to my Dr about this and they said it was a good idea.

    I will continue to read your blog and keep you posted on my progress as well.