Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Friday, March 23, 2012

8 million years later..

Okay-so it hasn't been 8 million years.. but it feels like that's just about 4 months short of being two years since i've posted on here..

I've kept up reading most of the lap band blogs that I follow and thought that was enough to keep me in the loop. But I miss posting.. I miss being excited about sharing my highs and lows of this lap band journey and I really miss the support of people that are going through the same thing that I am..

Just a few weeks till my two year Band-a-versary ..and I'm down a solid 30lbs ..YAY!! and I feel great that I've been able to say goodbye to those 30lbs and have never seen them since..

but- (isn't there always a but..) I was down to 177-175 last fall and slowly since that time..i've let 20lbs sneak back ..

I'm here to say that I want to say a firm goodbye to those 20lbs for good..just like those wonderful 1st set of 30lbs.. and be at a 50lbs weight loss..and then think about my goal weight after that..

I'm currently wearing a size 16 .. I have size 14 pants that I was able to comfortably wear about 10lbs ago-so I'm not worried about fitting back into them eventually..

I'm wearing a large/x-large shirt and my bra size is 38DD (gosh what I wouldn't give to just have a pair of perky C's) :0)

And I'm weighing in at 195 (as of this a.m) 3/23/2012

Short Term Goals to work on NOW!
-make appointment at my WLS Center ..and chat about how my band has been feeling
-do my long overdue blood work
-get my right amount of water in (60'ish oz)
-adding a protein drink in my daily routine here/there to get back on track..

I haven't been to the gym in about 4 months ..but before that I was on a great routine and feel like I can get back in to that soon.. I've started with walking 3-4 times a week around the neighborhood that I work in and that's been helpful for getting me motivated to get my buns back in the gym ..

I'll see you all around the bloggy world and it's okay if you have no idea who the heck I am and why this crazy lady is leaving you comments on your blogs ;)

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Protein Bars

Which is your fave?

I'm working 9pm-5am for 6 days in a row (Postpartum Doula work) and I need to keep something in my bag just in case I start starving around 2-3a.m .. :0)

I've only had Pure Protein Bar (cookie dough or something like that) ..and it wasn't horrible..but I'd love to try other ones out there..

I know I could post this on lap-band-talk-dot-com ..but thought I'd ask my bloggy ladies..



Dear Leenah-

You have been a very quiet guest in my body for the past 2 1/2 months.. so I guess you thought it was time to make your presence known and make some noise!? That's great ..I'm really glad to hear from you but I have one small question..and my question is ..does the noise have to be so PAINFUL!?

-xoxo me

My 3rd fill was last Wednesday and I started to really "feel" the fill over the weekend .. that seems to be the norm for me.. to feel it start and kick in a few days afterwards..

Yesterday I had trouble with a hamburger patty (with cheese on top) and no bun.. cut it up in to tiny bites and after a bit of time it all went down.

Last night for dinner was grilled chicken and pasta ..took one breast of chicken with some BBQ sauce and one spoonful of pasta ..and had some trouble with the chicken (a little bit to much time on the grill) ..but took my time and got through that.. thanks to the BBQ sauce for making everything a bit smoother to get down.

Today I had lunch at Panera and had soup/salad.. which I finished exactly 1/2 of each .. thought I would have this brilliant idea of dunking my son's grilled cheese crust in the soup at the very end.

Ouchieyaahyahh that hurt! I had to get up from the table ..I walked to the bathroom ..did some deep breathing and felt better.

I feel like just having a protein shake for dinner.. to make sure I got enough protein in for the day and to just have something "easy" to "eat" :0)

Anyways.. my band has shown up ..which is great.. just need to start playing by the rules now.. I haven't really needed to before ..but it's time to start.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yummy Snack

My husband is making yummy lemon/raspberry bars this afternoon ..and even thought i'll have a bite of it ..

I don't want to go crazy and thought I could make my own yummy dessert to have with little guilt..

-A box of 'Cheesecake' flavored pudding :0) Yum!!

-And then some crushed up Graham Crackers

-A sprinkle of fresh raspberries (I would have used more,..but he needs them for the bars!)

and a drizzle of chocolate syrup ..because it makes it just that much more yummy..

Happy Sunday!!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Oh hi there #30! I've been waiting for you for a longggg time now ..

225-194.2 = 30lbs!!

almost two months of being sooo close to 3-0 that I've said that I've lost 30lbs..but knowing in my heart that I was about 1-2lbs from actually hitting the 3-0 #..

Hitting this number means that i'm:

-safely out of the 200's
-closer to 190 than 200
-4lbs closer to the milestone of 190
-fitting in my clothes easier
-energy is up/mood is up
-feeling like this whole thing is possible..

Just 10lbs more and I'll have the weight of my son off my shoulders/back/knee's .. that's my next big goal .. 184!!

It's crazy to think I've been carrying "him" around with me all this time.. he's gosh-darn heavy and it's not a fun thing to carry him far distances.. like on vacation when he wanted me to carry him across some rocks (he didn't have shoes on) to our cabin.. I was struggling to get him that far .. so it really puts into comparison what I carry around everyday..

Here's a pic of what I was doing at the gym yesterday .. I just wanted to go and walk/jog ..and left in a puddle of sweat .. It was a good feeling to not struggle like I usually do after taking a few days off (vacation)..

i know it's super hard to read (took the pic while cooling down)
50.51 minutes
2.26 miles
417 calories

Off to make a protein shake and figure out what me and my dude-a-rama are doing today on this fun friday!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yay Bonnie!!

It's about to be her big 'band' day!!!

I wish you lots of the *good drugs* to ease you through the day! ;) You'll be fine and we'll see you on the other side..


Keeping cool and other things..

relaxing in the "pool" with my sister in laws .. :0)

our little beach (my mother in law and our friend the duck we named rhonda)

sunset on the beach

my little dude,husband and brother in law..helping him with his 1st mini golf game!
and he won!! can you believe the luck!?? ;o) or small amount of cheating..

the way we made it through outlet shopping..a big ol'lollypop!
he's never had one like that and wasn't sure if he should just stare at it ..or eat it..

the set up on our beach..notice the dd inlaws/hubby are dd coffee addicts


could i have my boobs hanging out anymore in pic #3??

i know you secretly like it! ;)

So I'm back!! Back from Maine ..and back from the land of no wi-fi.. yikes..not sure how I could live in a world not connected to the world-wide-web at all times.

I have a million-buhzillion blogs to catch up on and i'm trying to slowly but I'll get there..

Band news: Went in for my 3rd fill yesterday and she gave me my 'Big girl' fill that I wanted at fill #2 but couldn't have before going away on vacation. I'm now up to a solid 5cc's in my 10cc band. My doc likes to give big fill in the 1st few visits because they're covered under insurance and hopes to have success without to many trips in to have an adjustment. I'm still on mushies ..but I think I feel a difference this time.. we'll see. I also think I have that whole "don't feel the fill till day 3' thing going on .. so I'll try and take it easy for the next few days.
I'm actually *down* after my week away on vacation which is a miracle ..that's when I know this band is kickin butt..when things like that happen! This week it's back to the gym and I'm going for the 2nd time this week in a few minutes.
Only a few more oz's till the big 3-0 .. :0)

Non-Band news: Vacation was awesome!! Loved having our own little beach right out our front door and I think my son went swimming more than 8 hours a day. I got to sit and soak up the sun and read trashy magazines while he was doing that it was a win-win. We went mini golfing, outlet shopping, ice-cream eating, and lots and lots of hanging out.

I'm kinda stressed out.. I'm in between jobs and looking for something long term. I'm feeling thankful that I have a Postpartum doula job coming up next week..which will take care of me money-wise until the start of August.. so that's a bit of pressure off my shoulders. But I know that's not a big fix..just a quick one.. so the search is on..
And that's really it for now.. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and I'm looking forward to reading all these blogs ..
Lata bloggy peeps..