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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day #3 with Leenah

Here's a few pics from the last couple of days..not the best quality..taken with my iphone because my hubby didn't think it was 'safe' to bring my good camera ..
the second pic is semi-graphic of my incisions .. scroll fast down the page if you want to skip that part..
flowers that my hubby picked and put near me in the living room..

five little incisions and one bloated belly

my set up at the hospital

view from my bed

looking out my hospital room window..

I last took pain meds around 9:30 last night and I think that helped me stay asleep in my bed all night long.. and that felt really good. It's starting to get annoying to lay on my back (i'm a side sleeper) and hope I'll start feeling a bit better to lay on my side least for a little part of the night.

I started out today with a protein shake ..made with about 6oz of milk and it took me about 10min to finish it. I'm not sure if i'm drinking things to fast.. but I feel fine as I'm doing it it should be okay.

Today for "lunch" I made more cream of wheat and was able to finish it all in about 15ish min ..I made it with hot water and added a splash of milk .. made it nice and smooth.. I did notice a little bit of pain in my back if I didn't slow down a bit.. gas or band pain?

Sitting on the couch with my heating pad and sipping on vitamin water ..happy that everyday seems to get a bit better..


  1. Pretty good view out that window. Sending happy healing vibes your way!

  2. Thrilled that everything is going smoothly.
    Keep healing and I'll see you on the other side.

  3. The swelling takes a while to go down, at least it did for me. But it does get better. It took me a little while to get back to eating too, I wasn't hungry for a while because of the swelling.

  4. Your wounds look great, hope that you manage to sleep on your side soon x

  5. Hi Kristen! Just found your blog through Cindylew! How did I not find you sooner??? I'm getting banded on Wednesday, so we've been going through this together (the 3 of us)! I'll be following you from now on.
    I can't believe you're on shakes & cream of wheat already. Our surgeon (Camille's & Tanya's & mine) want us on clears for 1 week, then full liquids one week, before we finally get mushies. I can't wait to eat real food again. I love my shakes, but I'm dying for some other tastes! LOL
    Keep up the good work! I'll see you in BandLand soon!!!

    Robin at Band on the Run

  6. Glad you are doing well. Thanks for the pics.