Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little bit of everything..

and even two bathing suit pics at the end.. :0)

6.18.2010 five years of marriage..and moving on to year #6 looks possible since chris sent me flowers that wasn't looking so great when he told me he was going to a concert on our anniversary night..We're going to Boston on 8/18 and so I tell everyone we'll be celebrating our 5yr and 2month anniversary..

my nephew Keegan ..aka Mr. Happy! :0)

my boy..who thinks playing his nintendo is wayyyy cooler than smiling at my iphone camera..silly goose!!

are you ready for this..





doing the toe point..(Thanks Amy W.!!) and i had to do these out in my hallway because my bedroom looks like my clothes basket threw up all over my room..not pretty.

i used to think black bathing suits were for older ladies (like great-grandma old) but now that i'm just about there (30!!?!?!?!?) i'm kinda diggin the black..and it hides things that need to stay hidden..

okay, back to packing .. try not to come back here to look at my bathing suit pics to many times..the ultra-white of my skin might start to blind you..


Fill #2

Was easy-peasy .. just like the first..

Two interesting things though..

-I have 3.5cc's already .. I thought she only put in 3 last time ..

-She said that she could only give me .5cc's today ..(and I really shouldn't have had one at all) because I'm going out of state on Saturday a.m .. so I'm a little bummed that it wasn't a full strength fill.. but happy she gave me something.

I so need this fill.. and I'm hoping that it gives me a bit of restriction ..and if not.. it's back to the dr's on 7/7 at 9a.m for a big girl fill ;0)

I'm excited for Vacation to be right around the corner.. need to start packing, get my eyebrows done and my toes done before we leave..

This is the 3rd year of staying on Brandy Pond in Naples Maine.. a very pretty/relaxing/quiet time.. My little dude puts on his life-jacket right after breakfast and then spends the rest of the day in the water.. and I'm going to park my booty on the beach and watch him play!

The house we rent sleeps a whole bunch we go with my inlaws(Chris's parents, 2 sisters and their significant others and now my brand new nephew)'s great to be with everyone without anything else to do except hangout for a whole week.

I'd really like to take an a.m walk since the house we're renting is on a really long dead-end street..I'll let you know how that works out ;0)

Hope everyone is good.. I'm off to make a protein shake for lunch..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And then jeans go to..Colleen! :o)

over at 'This Time I Mean It'

yay for the sisterHOOD and yay for this bloggy community!!


In the hood ..the SisterHOOD!

who needs a few pairs of jeans in size 18?? anyone??

they aren't all that new or fancy ..but if you need to throw a pair of jeans on in a pinch..these will do!

i went out for drinks on Sunday with a girlfriend (who's inspired by my surgery and now looking into it for herself) and put on that pair of dark jeans.. I ended up wearing them because that's all I have ..but yowwza they were baggy in the butt! i love a bit of room in the waist/thighs ..but i love my booty to be hugged nice and tight!

so now i'm past that size and want to pass on my pieces of clothes to the sister-HOOD..

i'm able to go out to the post office tomorrow give me a shout out if you want these (i know it's not really jean weather in the u.s ..but...maybe your planning ahead for the fall?) :0)

so hi there size 16!! oh heeey 16!! haven't seen you in about five years.. happy i saved 'one' pair of 16's from the skinner days of my life..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i love this tea!!

i don't know what it is about this stuff..but i'm lovin it! and at only a few calories.. it's an easy way to get almost 40oz of "water" in ..i know it's not really "water" but in my book it counts okay? :0)

in other news .. eight more days until fill #2 and i need it ..because..


and it's driving me nuts! like my stomach is rumbling already and I just had to slices of deli meat with a slice of cheddar cheese..

okay, so lets run down the list of not so good food choices ..


1/2 slice of toast with cinnamon and sugar/butter ..which I made for my son and then he didn't want it .. so on the way to the garbage can it went in my mouth.

a slice of cheddar cheese and salami rolled up..did this twice ..

two cookies

a carnation instant breakfast

wheat-thins ..(at least they were the low-fat kind)


must.stay.away from the kitchen!!

yesterday I had two cupcakes with frosting ..and a peanut butter cookie.. left over from a cookout we had at the house on Sunday..

I feel like I was so "good" in the few weeks after the swelling went down from surgery ..and didn't gain ..kept losing .. and not that i've started gaining out of control ..but I'm pushing my luck..

Last week I got 3cc's put in and I'm wondering what she'll suggest for my 2nd fill.. I'm leaving on vacation two days after that.. so I don't want a huge fill ..just incase it's a little much and would need to have some come out..

I'm feeling so ..bleh.. because I was losing (slowly ..but losing..) and I feel like I don't want to let myself down or others around me down.. I know that things will get better after I get to the 'sweet spot' ..but that seems like it's far and out of my reach right now..

Maybe fill #2 will put at least a little dent in the hunger..

Lata bloggy peeps!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is yumm-o!

Had this the other day for lunch: except my meal was just one enchilada and it came with corn and black beans.. Oh mama was it good! Very soft and if anyone is in need of a good quick lunch.. Just grab this! Has anyone tried anything else by 'Amy'?

(supplies for my 1st fill)

I was a little bit nervous this a.m .. as I drove out to my appointment I was trying to imagine what this would feel like. I've heard some people like to have the numbing shot and others just take the one injection.. decisions decisions! I opted for the one needle and was pleasantly surprised at how it didn't hurt!?

It felt like the pinch you get when you get your blood drawn .. I think the creepiest feeling was feeling it go through the port could just tell it was going into something hard/plastic..crazy!

She filled my 10cc band with 3cc's and I was able to sit up and drink my little cup of water with no trouble.. I'm on protein shakes for the rest of the day and mushies for the whole day tomorrow.

The best news of the day.. I can go in every 2 weeks for a fill!? I think that's great.. let's get this whole restriction thing figured out asap! ..So my next fill is June 23rd.. right before we leave for a week vacation in Maine..

Went to the gym today (2nd time this week) and did a mile on the elliptical and then another mile on the treadmill .. 2 miles and 300+ calories gone.. plus a little stretching and ab work before I went home..

A very productive Wednesday..

Till later bloggy-peeps!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm starting to really like 'me' ..

well, .. i've always liked myself ..

but when i think about it .. could I have really liked myself for the past ten years.. as I watched myself gain the excess weight ..and not really do a whole lot about it.. i'm not sure..

what i do know .. is that i'm in a different place in my life this year and made a choice back in October 2009 to make year #30 my year .. the year i put myself first and thought about the lasting effects of my overall health and how it would eventually catch up to me ..and my little family..

i can't believe that it's been almost 6.5 weeks and i'm almost down 30lbs!? i know that was effort before surgery and 11lbs have been after surgery.. but really? 30lbs?!! if i had never started this whole thing and gone through the surgery.. i know i wouldn't be where i am right this second..

the most i've ever lost 'on my own' was about 20lbs back in high school ..doing weight watchers and then slowly gaining that back +80ish lbs.. yikes.

Recent NSV:
Going swimming at my friends house ..which means getting in a swimsuit in front of others!? and even though I didn't like the walk from the deck to the pool ..i did it..
My Mother-in-law (someone that see's me all the time) ..noticed my change and told me that I looked great! xoxo love her!
Going to a play-date with my little dude yesterday ..with two other moms and kids ..and I wasn't stressing about what to wear (how to hide my fat) to this little outing ..

happy weekend everyone!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh Cigna..I love you!

We are not in the financial spot in our lives that we would be able to come up with 14,000$ for this surgery and for that ..I'm very thankful that I have the insurance that I do .. and that it covered this surgery 99.99% ..

Happy friday bloggy peeps!!