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Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh what a week!

Sorry for the lack of posts/being MIA!! It's been one of those weeks little dude just was getting over having a double ear infection ..then got hit with a stomach virus (just imagine lots and lots of laundry) .. I'm just hoping that he didn't share those lovely germ with his awesome parents ;)

I had an appointment with my surgeon yesterday and we just went over some results of appointments that I've been too (cardiologist, upper GI test, psych, ectect) and I learned that I have a "hiatal hernia" ..a small one, but it's still there. The good news is that when he goes in for the lap-band ..he'll also fix the hernia and my reflux/heartburn will disappear! Yay!!

And everything else looks great! I have my 5th nutritionist appointment next week and then my 6th one is scheduled for March 11th ..and after March 11th.. my paperwork goes to the insurance company!! Woooooohooooo!! I can see the light! He said that after March 11th expect a two week wait and then when we get the thumbs up ..we can make a pre-op appointment and pick a date for the big day!! So I'm looking at an end of April or very early May for my surgery. I just want to get past the waiting on insurance and get a date.. and some of the anxiety over doing all of this might subside..

I haven't done so great as far as doing WW .. :( boo on me .. but I guess I'm still in a 'last dinner' mentality and even though I don't over do it and haven't gained any weight, ..I'm not seeing numbers drop either. But I'm not feeling that down on myself.. help is right around the corner!!

I just started seeing a therapist and I'm excited to have some extra support as I get ready for surgery and the 'after' too.. He has lots of experience with lap-band patients that's encouraging. I'll post more as we dig deeper into some of my weight issues.. and all that fun mental stuff!

Okay, I'm off to catch up on all the blogs .. I've missed reading everyone this week and can't wait to see how everyone is doing!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi, Kristen -

    Congratulations on being so close to getting your lapband. I'm hoping to get mine in August but it seems so far away. Good luck.