Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ten on tuesday

a top ten list guessed it.. on a Tuesday.. and since I'd really like to go into the kitchen and make myself a snack .. this is going to be a food related list.

1. I never EVER ate mayo before meeting my husband.. hated it.. now I don't mind it at all and I swear that's added some lbs over the years. He also got me into ice cream..before I was a sherbet girl.. boo to him! :0) in the most loving way..

2. I really wish I could love yogurt! I mean .. really..I love everything in the world that has to do with dairy.. and yet I just can't get into yogurt. I bought a 'Greek' yogurt to see if that would be different tasting .. my nutritionist swears it doesn't taste like American yogurt. Yeah.. okay lady..

3. I love Mexican ..for the tiny fact that it's always cheesy and sour cream filled and good!

4. Dinner was always a family event and I hope that's something I can keep as a tradition in my own little family..

5. My sister Ali ..she doesn't like Chocolate.. (i think she might be adopted) and when I say doesn't like. .it's almost as strong as my hate of yogurt..

6. Quality over Quantity any day.. except try telling that to all the extra lbs on my body.. but really.. I'd rather have a small yumm-o meal vs. a big huge fast food dinner ..

7. When I was pregnant with my little guy .. I craved fruit punch and fruit cups like it was going out of style.

8. I'm learning how to cook.. slowly but's getting better.. And I love to bake.. I have a kitchen aid named 'Ruby' ..she's red and b.e.autiful! :0)

9. I can't have soft baked chocolate chip cookies (you know the ones in the red bag) or Nesquik Chocolate milk powder in the house. I can't!!! Because if I do.. it's bad.. like binge eating and making up excuses of why those things aren't there anymore on a Tuesday ..when you went food shopping on a Sunday kind of bad ..

10. I wanna meet up with the ladies in NYC on 3/7 and have brunch at a Mexican restaurant and talk about the band. The band I've yet to meet.. :)


  1. How can I make this 6 months go by faster?! I'm only going to my second nutrition appointment tomorrow. It seems like this process is going to go on forever. : ( Sorry, hope you don't mind me griping on your post. And I don't like yogurt either.

  2. OMG my nutrutionst tried pulling the greek yogurt thing on me too! I spent the extra money, got it, took one bite and buh bye greek yogurt. I thought it tasted worse then the american stuff! blah! Your cookies and choco milk are my little debbies and choco milk. And nothing beats the powder!! Id probably give a small portion of my pinky finger for a swiss roll or zebra cake ;)

  3. @Bonnie- I know it can seem like it's going to take so long..but it really does give you the time to get things in order before you have it done. Do you have other appoitments to keep you busy? I had to go see a heart doc, and have an upper GI, have a physical, psych eval.. and checking those off on my list seemed to make the time go by. I don't mind the grip.. let it out girl! :)

    @BB- They did that to you too?! That's so crazy.. It's still sitting in my fridge and I haven't been brave enough to try it yet.. I don't have high hopes for it. Yay!! x100million for another person that can understand the love of power vs. syrup! I've never had little debbies.. prob a good thing! :0)

  4. Don't give up on the Greek yogurt yet! Try different flavors, and try putting nuts or granola on top.

    Mexican...mmmmm...we have it several times a week!

  5. yogurt is one of those things i wish i liked too.....i just don't. bleh.