Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A small bump in the road..

was successfully avoided today! ..

last week we had a tiny little snow storm (it was supposed to be HUGE!) and I had to cancel my nutrition appointment and rescheduled it for this Wednesday. Great. Fine. No prob!

then at some point in the day .. I was standing at the sink and turned around slowly to read my calendar on my fridge and saw that I had .. double booked myself! WAAA WAAA!!!

I have my physical for surgery on Wednesday too!! So I called up my nutritionist and tried to make another appointment in feb and she said there was no way.. she was all booked up for the rest of the month.

Called my doctor to see if I could get another physical date ..and she said that the doctor was taking appointments for the middle of May! ...MAY!? AHHH!! That's wayyyy to late..

Moral of the story! There was a cancellation at the nutritionist office for Friday A.M and I'm soo very very happy!! I didn't care what time/what day.. as long as I could squeeze it in Feb! WHOOO!!

Now that i'm getting so close to the end of all this work,.. I didn't want to push it back by another month because of a little problem like that..


  1. PHEW!!!
    oh and love the new layout!

  2. I'm really feeling thankful for my good luck today! Phewwww x1000 is right! Thanks for lovin the blog layout! I found it 1st on Athena's Melting blog and it's from :) All free and all cute!