Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I want colorful undies!!

Does anyone remember a few weeks back on Facebook when they were doing the 'what color is your bra' for breast cancer awareness. I shouted out that I had on my trusty light tan bra..Ooh go me! And my crazy fun undergarments... not..
Oh how I wish to fit my tush into little Vicky undies!
I would love to just walk in and pick up a bunch and throw out all my granny pants! (well..maybe keep a few for the fun time of the month) and walk in and buy a pretty little'ish bra.. Right now my bra's are either white or that really exciting tan color.
I want color and polka dots and lace and pretty little it silly to day-dream about these kinds of things?? I haven't bought a pretty bra since my high school days .. when I was sporting a 'C' cup size. And even though I know they make pretty bra's in big girl sizes.. it's just not the same.
So add that to another NSV!! to my ever growing list of wishes!


  1. I agree.. I have a cute bra from Cacique (Lane Bryant undies place) but it is the only good looking bra I can find, really. When I got in "regular" stores, the cute bras are all so TINY... the biggest is about a 38C, which doesn't come close to covering me up...Ironically I wear a B in the Lane Bryant bra lol, who knows what my real size is or will be when I am at goal! But whatever it is, I will also be sporting the cute bras and undies!

  2. Thats what I am shooting for too. I tried wearing a thong one time and that was a wrong idea!!! All I had was a belly button eye patch! So my goal is to wear a thong one day and it actually cover the right places LOL

  3. I am right there with ya, I daydream about these "little things" all day long!