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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

I'm avoiding all things that have to do with house work today!! The dishes in the sink.. the two piles of clothes in my bedroom..the wash that needs to be switched over to the dryer..

So let's do 10 on Tuesday instead! Here's a list of 10 random things guessed it! On Tuesday!
1. I love Etsy! Have you been there yet? I shop there I think once a check it out if you never have..I got my little dude this vintage moon poster on there and he's loving it! He was pointing out where he would land his rocket..

2. The two dudes that have my heart..working on valentines cards for little dude's class..
3. I made and then ate way to many sugar cookies last week.. this being stuck inside and not going out to play is really wrecking my plans on losing 10ish lbs before my surgery..
4. I can't stop looking at Old Navy and The Gap ..and thinking of the clothes I will buy..And I'm not even a shopper!?
5. I'm excited that at my next hair appointment I'll be a few weeks past Surgery and my hairdresser has been a great cheerleader for me! I can't wait to show her some progress!!
6. Excited for the one week vacation we just booked to Maine.. a cute cabin, our own little beach and my sister is coming to play 'nanny' with my little dude sometimes when we want to go out on our own.
7. Wondering what to stock up on before surgery ..I've been looking around today for some good ideas..
8. I've started to plan little dude's 4th birthday party.. this is the first year that we're having a 'friends' party and inviting his buddies from his preschool class! We're going to have it at a local children's museum and I'm ordering cute invites this week.
9. My cousin and her two kids are up visiting and I wish they lived closer.. my little guy and her cutie girl are only three months apart and it's sweet to see them playing together..
10. I'm excited for the new 'Teen Mom' on MTV tonight.. I'm a junk tv junkie!!


  1. I remember 4 being such a great age. And planning parties were so fun. Alas, at 11 and 14 my girls have slumber parties and only planning I have to do is what kind of pizzas to order. They go down to our basement and we usually don't see them until the next morning. It's nice in a way, but I do miss some of the things we could do when they were younger.

    I definitely think blogging is much more important than housework any day of the week. : )

  2. Are you sure you don't mean 16 and Pregnant? I don't think a new season of Teen Mom is on yet.

  3. You are so right Ashli! I'm so used to watching the 'Teen Mom' ..So yes, I'm excited to watch the new season of 16 and Pregnant! :)