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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

greek yogurt: the verdict!

okay.. here i go..

a tiny peek inside and a quick sniff ..not to bad..

before i mixed it up..

made sure all the fruit was distributed evenly

scooped some up on my spoon..and looked at it..

and looked at it some more..

took a lick off the spoon ..(wishing it was brownie batter instead of yogurt)

lick #2

decided that i liked the creaminess of it..but the strawberry/banana was a bit i put a dash of splenda in it ..i think i'd pick a different flavor the next time..

and then i had a few more bites..and saved the rest (didn't want to get full before dinner)

i'm pretty surprised that i liked it. i wasn't in love with it..but liked it enough to give it another chance with a different flavor. and maybe grab some granola to mix in the next time too. not sure if granola is band friendly? anyone know the answer to that question??

and i can't fairly compare it to other yogurts because i couldn't tell you the last time i had a regular ol'yogurt..

so those ladies out there.. just grab one and try one out.. i think it's worth it..

my other thought is this: i think it's easy to dismiss it and move on to another food.. because i'm not banded yet. i'm wondering if it will be different when i'm banded and looking to eat something 'easy' and full of good-for-you protein..?? it could be an easy option for lunch or a snack..?? i'll report back on that verdict after my surgery..

and ps-

thanks to all my new followers.. i'm loving the love out here in band land! :0)


  1. lol! thanks for the review! i'll have to try it when it comes time for yogurt!

  2. I tried the oikos organic greek yogurt in blueberry. I am not an american yogurt fan and wasnt much of a greek yogurt fan either or blueberry very much (lord knows why I chose blueberry lol) But for a yogurt it was good. It was thick, rich, and creamy. If I would have liked yogurt I think I would have fell in love. I am eating it even tho I dont like it. It is the only yogurt I can stomach so something has to be good about it lol

  3. I'm with you on yogurt in general - hate it. I've gotten the plain Chobani and mixed some honey with it. That was pretty damn good.

  4. I have some of the greek yogurt in my fridge and have yet to try it. I would think that granols might not exactly be the most band friendly food and it is also very high in fat, so keep that in mind. I'll probabl try my Chobani stuff tomorrow!

  5. You had me on the edge of the seat. Will she eat it? Will she like it? Will she take more than one bite? I haven't been brave enough to try greek yogurt yet. Figure I still have some time yet to decide what band friendly foods I like.

  6. I think I will pass on the Greek yogurt. I eat the regular type just to keep me regular but am not a fan of creamy stuff (like puddings) although a nice bowl of frozen yogurt is my fav. Thanks for passing on the taste test but I'll find my protein elsewhere (I love eggs!).

  7. Kristin- I almost got the honey one too! And my hubs talked me out of it..this week i'll try that flavor.

    Bonnie- I'm glad my post was full of suspense! :0) That's what it felt like sitting there in front of something I was scared to try..

    Stephanie- I didn't think it would be good for the band.. but I thought I had read others mixing it in ..

  8. Hi there, I am a personal fan of "FAGE 2% TOTAL GREEK YOGURT" (I do not own stock, ha ha.)

    Give it a shot, it is great mixed with just some splenda or some cinammon and lemon or whatever! Tastes like sour cream.

  9. I like the Fage 2% too! With cherry on the side- it is fantastic! And the consistency is more like chip dip than yogurt. That Chobani stuff tasted just like real yogurt to me... Yuck. Fage is awesome though- I have eaten it almost everyday for two weeks!