Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I went. But didn't want to. But glad I did!

Okay.. so imagine this little scenario ..

a very busy weekend full of fun and family events .. has left your house a little less tidy than it usually is .. so your sweet husband takes your son to your mother in laws house early (we always have dinner over her house on sunday nights) and you just want to run a quick vacuum then hit the gym and meet up with them later on..


your standing in the empty house and you've done a quick little clean up ..and feel pretty good.. and think of the other one million things you could get done in an hour alone..


nowayjose am i going to slack off on the gym i got my plastic jug of 32oz of water/ipod and headed out the door to the gym..

bye bye house all nice and quiet..

and i walked on a high incline/slow pace .. for 2.25 miles in 45ish min.. not great ..but it left me sweating and feeling full of energy! and then i stretched and did some ab work before i joined up with my little fam at the inlaws house..

thanks to Liz over @Mine & Betty's LapBand Journey ..her post on working out and running really made me want to sweat my bootie off too..

i also posted two lists of ipod music i listen to while at the gym. i know everyone has different taste in music ..but just in case you need a new tune to rock out to.. check it..


  1. A quiet house is such a difficult place to leave. Congratulations on going to the gym.

  2. So good for you for getting out and exercising. I resolved today to begin back walking and hope to increase the amount on the treadmill every week. The nicest part is you didn't have to cook after all that activity.

  3. Thanks ladies! Sandy ..that's always a huge plus to doing a good workout on Sunday.. going to my inlaws for good food and no dishes! :)