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Friday, January 22, 2010

waiting for thursday & on the line (Sept 2009)

Another post from my wordpress blog .. just to catch everyone up .. (September 2009)

"Really, .. Thursday just can’t come fast enough .. (meeting with the surgeon)
I’m anxious and hoping it goes the way I want it to .. I’m right on the line with my BMI(41.6) and it needs to be at least 41 to have insurance cover the surgery. That’s the only way I’ll be able to get this done (self pay isn’t really an option right now). And after being rejected by such a small amount .. i’m so nervous that it’s going to be the same as last time.
It’s a crazy feeling to not want to try and lose any weight (even though that’s what I think about doing every waking minute of the day) and to keep it right where it is right now.. it’s a balancing act and i’m glad that at least one way or another this will be over on Thursday.."

Fast forward .. and I got accepted by the surgeon to be a WLS candidate .. so ..yay! It was rough to wait and go through those weeks and wonder if I was going to make it or not.. glad that's all over with!

My insurance makes WLS patients go through six months of meeting with a nutritionist and a whole bunch of other appointments ..

As of right now I have two more nutritionist appointments and by then the rest of my appointments will be finished too! .. I'm hoping/wishing/praying for a April 2010 surgery date!!

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