Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Saturday, January 23, 2010

six months from right now ..

..will be July 23rd 2010 ..

I hope that i'm at least 2 months post op .. maybe even three months.. how much weight will I have lost? Am I going to fit in to my new 'lifestyle' of eating.. Will I have any lasting pain from my surgery??

I love the summer.. and not because I don't like the snow days of winter.. it's just something that makes me feel so happy during that time of year. The sun and the amount of time the sun is actually out during the day.. watching my boy run around our backyard and taking walks around the neighborhood.

I'm not sure what kind of goals to set right now .. I love reading all the other WLS blogs out there to see what goals others have set. And to keep myself in 'realistic' mode..

A few things that I wish for myself..

-a smaller jean/top size .. and be happy with it! and not try to kid myself that i'm really one size and i'm actually the one right above it.. because that's what I'm doing right now .. and it's not a comfortable feeling.

-feeling like jeans are actually something that can be enjoyable to wear ..instead of dreading the days i get out of my comfortable pants.

-shopping .. I have a feeling as my numbers drop ..and I start needing new clothes.. I might actually enjoy doing that!? crazy!!

I wonder what the Non-Scale-Victories will be for me... I'm not sure I'll even know them .. until they happen.. but bring them on!!

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  1. You can do it! Keep your eye on the prize and so many good things will happen. In 6 months you will look back at this blog and go "wow I really didnt give myself enough credit" I bet you will have accomplised much more then you think now.