Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Thursday, March 11, 2010

you would never guess..

what this picture has to do with physical exercise..but .. here's a quick story..

since i was feeling so happy about wrapping up my appointments and nutrition appointments..i thought it would be great to celebrate..and my first thought was..

"ooh a nice big chocolate milkshake"

and if i could have shot myself a dirty look.. i so would have! ..what the heck! celebrate all the hoop jumping for insurance and celebrating with a milkshake?!!! i don't even drink milkshakes.

so my second thought was a nice sweat session at the gym ..felt like rocking out my ipod it was a date.


i drove my sister to work.. and on the way home..i passed a dog curled up on the side of the road.. (alive,..just looked like he was relaxin)

i pulled onto a side street where i looked for my local police # and tried to get a hold of the dog such luck..couldn't even leave a message..ugh, that's frustrating. so i do a u-turn and drive past the dog again and park on a side street.

i was nervous about approaching a strange dog..but that point I couldn't help it..but then he saw me coming and ran out into the traffic.


so I ran out into the traffic and waved everyone to stop.. and then I started jogging after the dog..every time I got close..he sped up.. this went on for a little over a mile..


i was crying and running and then quick walking..i was so bummed that i couldn't help this poor dog. and i'm not even that big of a dog person. so while i was trying to stop my calves and feet from falling off..i stopped for a few secs and snapped this pic on my iphone..

so my plans of going to the gym were now shot..but i did get some activity in ..and that's okay..


  1. Yikes, what a crazy adventure. Maybe the dog was sent by an exercise fairy to get you running. Good for you for trying to help the pup, you're a good soul.

  2. Awww that is so nice of you *HUGE HUGS* I have to agree with Kristin I bet it was fate showing you what you really can do :) (I like to call them secret angels myself) I meet them often and never notice till later. I am a photography nut and your pic just drew me right in. That is beautiful. You should print that and hang it as a reminder (sorry I am one of those weirdo people LOL) YAY IM SO HAPPY FOR U!!!

  3. Funny how things work out. Maybe the dog was put there to make sure you got some exercise. Take any sign you can. And you didn't have the milkshake!