Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my little orange headband..

well it really is more orange'ish then red in real life.. i got it off of LLBean the other day when i had to get my husband some work shoes.. thought i'd throw something in the order for me too! ;)

it's going to be my workout staple.. and i'm not really sure why ..but here are some rambling thoughts.. and this could be so ridiculous that you un-follow me from this little blog..but just chalk it up to a bit of c-r-a-z-y..

-i thought to myself that i never remember who's at the gym or what their wearing for that matter..but i wondered to myself that if i wore this headband every time ..someone might notice my weight changing or my hard work/dedication to working out..

-plus it keeps the sweat out of my eyes!

is that silly? ah well's cute at least..i love polka dots!

and speaking of the gym.. i'm not sure if i posted this or not..but i ended up finishing 8 out of 10 miles last week.. my step-dad couldn't go on Sunday and I skipped as well..didn't feel all that great about it..but didn't dwell on it either and we were back at it last night..

this week i'm going for more calories/higher intensity on the elliptical and not miles.. just to switch it up a bit.. it really felt like i was walking in quicksand on that thing last night.. and haven't had a sweat like that my whole life..

yesterday i got my Jillian M's 30 day shred and gave it a shot this a.m .. was more of a 20ish min shred for me.. level 1 kicked my butt..and i need to get some hand weights.. wowza.. i hope doing this for a few days in a row will make it easier! PHEW..

and now that my T.O.M has packed her bags for this month.. i've lost a bit of lbs .. which is always a perk..

1.) Here's a pic from yesterday.. and I was pretty excited about this .. being all under the 220's and such..

2.) fast forward to this a.m ..and i'm in the 215's?? did i give birth last night and not know it?? i'm not going to ask to many questions ..just taking that number and running..

maybe getting down to an even 200 will be in my reach for surgery day after all..can't wait to get my big date this friday!! :)

i'll post a quick update after my 11a.m apointment ..


  1. lol, I always weigh less in the morning. No idea why. Love your scale and headband!

  2. Fantastic overnight loss!! Well done!

  3. Never question the scale when it's giving you good numbers LOL! Just found your blog and can't wait to keep watching you progress! -BG
    I'm here:

  4. Wow nice overnight loss! I have to confess I bought 30 day shred like 6 months ago and have been too afraid to do it. Everyone says it's so bad.

  5. LOVE the scale number and giving birth thought...LMAO.

  6. You are doing great in the weigh loss and exercise!!

    Can't wait until tomorrow to hear when your Surgery will be!!