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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inspire Protein Drink (Dutch Choc Cake)

put the 4oz of water in the freezer (next to the ice cream)

inside the bag of powder (the blue is the scoop)

pretty big size for a scoop

mmm ..protein powder! smells yummy!

looking inside

*shake* shake* shake*

needed a red straw to complete the look..

oh.. um.. that was okay.. needed a dash of splenda to make it more enjoyable..

Okay.. My taste test is complete! I decided to make this as my breakfast and had this around 7:30a.m ..
It was okay. I don't have anything else to compare it to ..but after reading everyone raving about it.. thought it was going to be much better.

I mixed it with the 4oz of water ..and could imagine it tasting better if it was to be mixed with milk ..
After taking a few sips I decided to add a packet of splenda ..and it made the taste a bit better..

The good part is that I'm just starting to get hungry and it's 11:30 a.m.. which isn't to shabby after just having that 4oz of drink at 7:30 and nothing else..


  1. Man - I can't wait until I can stay full on 4 ounces.

  2. I second that seems impossible now!

  3. What's even more crazy to me.. is reading that people have a hard time finishing a drink like that.. and being wayyy full. I was pretty starvin for lunch though! :0)