Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skinny Cow and other thoughts..

Ice Cream.. something I never really liked before meeting my husband.. I was a big fan of Orange Sorbet ..and then after meeting my husband was a slow love affair with the cold creamy goodness.

After running around with my darling boy all day .. when he's upstairs for the night..all tucked in and having sweet dreams.. I'm indulging in sweet yummy ice cream..


I know I'll be able to have ice cream after the band.. but that's so extremely counter-productive..I'm starting to make a slow change to low fat or fro-yo ..and today while food shopping I came across this little box of gems!

It's 100cal/2grams of fat/3grams of protein.. and that comes out to be 2 weight watchers points.. all in all ..not to bad of a treat.

Had one tonight know... to test it out for you all ;) And it wasss sooooo yummmyyy!! Creamy (not icy) and a light caramel flavor with a little drizzel of chocolate.. ahh.. so good!

So if your a lover of all things Ice Cream like me .. Try these.. the other flavor is "White Mint" but I'm not going to try those out..I'm not a huge Mint you'll just have to try those out for yourself if it sounds yummy to you!!

And the other things/thoughts..

With surgery almost (wishing/hoping) a month away .. I really want to do my part and get down as much as I can before the liquid diet and then hope for a nice loss during that time too. I was ambitious a while ago and really wanted to do Weight Watchers full time ..and it was just to far out/away. My revised "plan" is to do Weight Watchers during the week and not count points on the weekends.

I made sure to buy some Weight Watchers appropriate foods this week while food shopping and will work hard to get all that water in! :)

My exersise plan this week is Ten Miles!

Today I did 2 miles on the eliptical in 42mins .. I feel great/happy/upbeat when I come home from the gym and have 8 more miles to go before next Sunday. .I plan on going to the gym tommarow night with my step-dad and then skip Tuesday for a rest..

I hope everyone *well at least in the north east* got to get out and enjoy this weather.. I love this time of year and it's so nice to let my little dude "out" of the house and run off some of his extra engery.


  1. I love the skinny cow products.. Enjoy...

  2. Wow you are so motivated already! I find with the band I am happier just having real ice cream once in a blue moon. I am better off not having it around but if I am going to eat it, I want the real thing!

  3. Good luck with your 10 mile plan. Sounds like a good plan.

  4. I love the skinny cow!! The WW ice cream bars are pretty good too. Sometimes it can be hard to just eat one!

  5. I love Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches...Thank you for reminding me that I have some in my freezer in the garage! They are awesome!

  6. I switched to frozen yogurt years ago to cut out fat but find it just as enticing as ice cream, especially when I put chocolate chips in it.

    Also just a suggestion, if you really want to use WW-they have a great on-line tool. I didn't like meetings but wanted to track points. Go to their website and when you sign up (cheaper than going to a meeting) you get all their tools for tracking.

  7. Those are yummy, I have had them before. I hate mint, so I won't even look at the other ones!