Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And just for fun..10 on Tuesday..

1. Here's a pic from Fall 2008.. it's not the best quality of my cousins "tagged" me in this photo and put it up on facebook.. I made it "private" because of the drinking of our shooters! I'm the one in the middle..

I don't remember what I weighed in #'s ..but I remember that I was working out 2-3 times a week and loving the gym!! Semi-watching what I ate ..and not feeling to shabby.. It's so funny how I looked at this picture and thought "O.M.Geeeeesh" ..and now i'll be happy to get back there.. I bet it's like 20ish lbs away..

2. I'm having some self esteem issues that are making it hard for me to go to the gym.. I know..lame.. but that's what I'm dealing with right now. I'd really love to go at night time (after little dude goes to bed) ..but this is me/hubby's hangout time ..and that's important too.. Now that it's getting nice/warm out ..maybe I could go early in the a.m .. I just never "feel" like it in the afternoon ..and it's a vicious cycle of feeling mad at myself for not wanting to go/sad that I didn't make myself go.. and around and around we go..

3. I'd also love to start on the weight loss..even though I'm still waiting on my insurance ect.. I need to get on some sort of schedule/track to get out of this "waa waa is me" mode. I'm planning on getting my scale and tape measure and putting down all my numbers to paper. Keeping track and writing down food/water for the day. I don't want to start a "pre-pre" diet before I get the official word.. I think that would make it harder on myself ..and I'm trying to be realistic at the same time.

4. I need to go out and buy a new sports bra/sneakers ASAP!! I have two and one is loose and I knock myself out while walking fast/jogging..and one is so tight that I have red rings around my sides after I work out.. not good..

5. I really feel like I've been avoiding social situations recently ..and have to really make myself get up and go out to do things sometimes..My clothes haven't been fitting right and I'm not going to buy larger clothes to buy smaller ones in a little bit (or so I hope)..

6. The sun has finally come out.. and since it's been multiple days since seeing it.. it was a nice change today! :0) I even put on flipflops like a crazy lady today. 60 degrees = feels like summer!

7. I'm starting a Zumba class on Thursday for six weeks!! Maybe that will give me some sort of boost to get my bum back to the gym..

8. I had two XXX Vitamin Zero's today.. mm mmm good!!

9. My mom is taking the little dude for the day on Saturday ..a whole day..kid free... other mom's out there and bloggy land ..high five for that!!

10. Looking forward to watching "Parenthood" on T.V tonight.. that show is pretty cute..have you watched it yet? Check it out!



  1. Love Parenthood - it's my new fave!

  2. I love Parenthood! Do you watch Modern Family? I like that one too. It's more on the funny side while Parenthood has humour, but pretty serious too.

  3. Missed the show, had company. Let us know how you like Zumba-I kept calling it Rumba! lol

  4. I heart Parenthood!

    About the gym, what about doing something else for a while? Walking outside, or doing videos at home? If you really don't want to go to the gym right now you can do something different. Don't feel bad about it!

  5. @Bonnie: I love Modern Family too! :0)

    @Jenny: I'll post reviews after class..I hope to sweat my bootie off!!

    @Gen: I've thought about videos..we have a TV down in my basement ..I think that might be a good to look on Amazon..