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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the hood ..the SisterHOOD!

who needs a few pairs of jeans in size 18?? anyone??

they aren't all that new or fancy ..but if you need to throw a pair of jeans on in a pinch..these will do!

i went out for drinks on Sunday with a girlfriend (who's inspired by my surgery and now looking into it for herself) and put on that pair of dark jeans.. I ended up wearing them because that's all I have ..but yowwza they were baggy in the butt! i love a bit of room in the waist/thighs ..but i love my booty to be hugged nice and tight!

so now i'm past that size and want to pass on my pieces of clothes to the sister-HOOD..

i'm able to go out to the post office tomorrow give me a shout out if you want these (i know it's not really jean weather in the u.s ..but...maybe your planning ahead for the fall?) :0)

so hi there size 16!! oh heeey 16!! haven't seen you in about five years.. happy i saved 'one' pair of 16's from the skinner days of my life..


  1. I really wanted to leave a real post but got too excited about the jeans!

    So, congrats on the 16's, that is amazing! I can't imagine how awesome that must feel! <3

  2. Yeah for baggy butt jeans. Got some shopping in your future!

  3. Thanks ladies! :0) Sandy- I have a 40GC to Old Navy that's been burnin a hole in my pocket..might have to go out and spend it this weekend!

    Colls- Drop me an email at
    with your info and i'll try and get them out thursday.