Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i love this tea!!

i don't know what it is about this stuff..but i'm lovin it! and at only a few calories.. it's an easy way to get almost 40oz of "water" in ..i know it's not really "water" but in my book it counts okay? :0)

in other news .. eight more days until fill #2 and i need it ..because..


and it's driving me nuts! like my stomach is rumbling already and I just had to slices of deli meat with a slice of cheddar cheese..

okay, so lets run down the list of not so good food choices ..


1/2 slice of toast with cinnamon and sugar/butter ..which I made for my son and then he didn't want it .. so on the way to the garbage can it went in my mouth.

a slice of cheddar cheese and salami rolled up..did this twice ..

two cookies

a carnation instant breakfast

wheat-thins ..(at least they were the low-fat kind)


must.stay.away from the kitchen!!

yesterday I had two cupcakes with frosting ..and a peanut butter cookie.. left over from a cookout we had at the house on Sunday..

I feel like I was so "good" in the few weeks after the swelling went down from surgery ..and didn't gain ..kept losing .. and not that i've started gaining out of control ..but I'm pushing my luck..

Last week I got 3cc's put in and I'm wondering what she'll suggest for my 2nd fill.. I'm leaving on vacation two days after that.. so I don't want a huge fill ..just incase it's a little much and would need to have some come out..

I'm feeling so ..bleh.. because I was losing (slowly ..but losing..) and I feel like I don't want to let myself down or others around me down.. I know that things will get better after I get to the 'sweet spot' ..but that seems like it's far and out of my reach right now..

Maybe fill #2 will put at least a little dent in the hunger..

Lata bloggy peeps!


  1. I know exactly how you feel, its bandster hell, i've had my second fill and its helped, not at my sweet spot yet but better. Hope the same happens for you!

  2. i lve that snapple! my bf i went through a case in 2 days!! yikes

  3. I love Diet Snapple too. I also drink Arizona Diet Green Tea sweetened with Splenda.

    For me, my second fill put me in a whole new place. It was like the difference between night and day. I would be cautious about getting it before vacation though. Traveling can cause increased tightness (especially air travel). If you get to where you are going and need an un-fill, your trip might be really unpleasant. You might think about rescheduling it for after you get back.

  4. I hear ya sista...we're exactly in the same place but you're 2 weeks ahead of me,,,my second fill is another two weeks away and I'm consistently hungry within 2 hours of eating. Fortunately I've been white knuckling it so have kept the choice good ones and the quantities no gain, but also no loss either.
    Good luck with #2.

  5. I'm going to have to try that tea. I've been drinking the starbucks black tea, I can't do water. I'll drink crystal light now and then, but water is just bland. On the fill front, I hope that you get some restriction from the second one. Thats the beauty and downfall of the customizable process!