Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Shorts, New Bra..good weekend!

here's a new pair of shorts i hope to wear as soon as it's hot out around here
..long enough to cover my leg dimples! :0)

thought I was a 42D ..nope i'm a 40DD
thanks lady at Victoria Secrets for measuring me and telling me about a great bra!

here's a pic of the new bra.. love it! and love how my
incisions have lost all of the surgical glue!

just me, on 5/5 to my 2week appointment early
so naturally that means a self portrait time in the car..

i'm really loving the whole shopping thing.. window shopping.. online shopping.. shopping at the at the outdoor mall..

who is this girl and why does she want to spend all of my husbands money!? :0)

today I got a bra (actually got sized for one and i've never done that before) ..and i'm a 40DD instead of a 42D like I thought I was .. who knew!? I also got a pair of bright pink shorts ..for gym and just hanging around the house..a new candle for the kitchen and got my eye brows done.. it was a great afternoon! it helped that my little dude is away for the weekend (camping with my mom&step-dad) I didn't have to worry about taking him to a million and one stores..he wouldn't have liked that as much as I did..

on the food front ..i'm feeling like i'm slowly crawling into bandster hell..i'm not staying full for long'ish periods of time ..and i'm eating a bit more at each sitting..i'm looking forward to my early june appointment and my 1st fill..

i'm still working with my band to help the weight loss continue or at least not gain.. i had a protein shake for breakfast this morning and then went out to lunch and only had three triangles of a quesadilla..not to shabby..

Saturday Dinner- A Buffalo chicken burger (no bun) and a little bit of ranch dressing for dipping
Saturday Night Snack- Ice cream (2 scoops with a big heaping tablespoon of hot fudge)
Sunday A.M- The rest of my lunch from Saturday (3 triangles of quesadilla)
Sunday Lunch- Handful of Tortilla chips and homemade salsa
Sunday Dinner- 5 "Chicken" nuggets (vegetarian chicken nuggets) :0)

And I went to the gym Sunday afternoon ..walked on the treadmill for 30min ..slow walking..but walking on a high incline.. burned almost 300 calories!

i do have a question.. do you ever get a cramp feeling on your side if you've eating a little to much? not to the point of getting stuck ..but it almost feels like a runners cramp..? maybe it just me..but i was a little worried that it was my pouch or something being angry at me.. ;)

hope everyone had a great weekend.. and that the weather in your area was just as b.e.autiful as mine over in Connecticut!! :)

ps- only 2lbs from leaving the 200's in the dust ..forever..


  1. Congrats to being so close to Onederland. Hope you get there soon.

  2. What feels like a "stitch in your side" might be port site pain. I had this big time during weeks 2 & 3...check out my blog to read the advice I was given and to see exactly how common this is.
    So happy you're doing well.

  3. Thanks Cindy! I'll check that out.. good to know.. :0)