Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Monday, May 10, 2010

all kinds of T.M.I in this post..

so if it's to early to start talking about poop.. please move to the next blog.. :0)

Okay, I've heard the stories.. Pooping is different for the peeps that have the lapband ..but I guess I thought I was always a Poop champion and didn't think this would be one of my band side effects.

It is..

I only Poop tiny little bits's really frustrating! I'm not looking for a filling up the entire toilet with poo.. but common .. two little poop twigs are just not enough to feel like it's all out ..

And then today when I actually felt like I pooped out enough and did the 'look of shame' into the bowl .. I almost wanted to take a pic with my iphone (but don't worry) ..I didn't! :0)

I know logically it works like this ..less in = less out..

but it just doesn't seem right! ..oh well, I guess it's something I'll get used to..

In other TMI news ..not as scary of the poop TMI! :)

I'm 2lbs away from the big 2-5lbs of weight loss.. and wow! i'm feeling like with every pound that I lose .. a little bit more of my sexy mojo is added on .. I'm really enjoying that fun trade off :0)

Yesterday was a NSV ..

I love my Old Navy jeans ..and usually I'll get the 'Sweetheart' kind(classic rise) ..and a few months ago I picked up a pair..looked at the size and left..

Well the ones I took home were the 'Flirt' (Mid rise and they sit below the waist)..and even though they were a size 18 ..I could barely zip them up ..and oh when I could..the muffin top practically oozed out of the was sooo bad..

Yesterday I decided to try them on ..they zipped and even though they gave me a bit of a poof on top ..nothing as bad as back in October when I first bought the jeans.

I wore a not-so-tight shirt yesterday and they looked great ..

Of course I told my husband about the NSV and he just didn't 'get it' ..he thought since they were the same size that it wasn't that big of a ..sheesh! :0)


  1. The whole rabbit turd pooping is kinda frustrating, isn't it??? Sigh.

    But congrats on the NSV! That totally rocks!

  2. Don't even get me started on the poop!!!
    Congrats on the weight loss tho - you've done great!~

  3. Yeah, the poop is frustrating. Colace might help, and my surgeon OK'd me taking a daily dose of Miralax to keep things regular (partly because of a medication I take that can constipate). Maybe your doc will have some ideas. I haven't tried Benefiber but I know some people have found it helpful.

    YAY on the jeans. I love that stuff, it's such tangible evidence that things really are changing for the better.

  4. My whole live revolves around the POOP! Especially since Dr.Oz says we should have s shape one's. I always friggin look! I am also dealing with GAS! The tooting won't quit! Similar??

    Way to go on the NSV! Isn't the best feeling!

  5. I'm right there with on the pooping situation.
    25 lbs is awesome...I'm at 21 but only 5 of that is post-surgery...the balance is pre-op loss...but as far as I'm concerned...a pound is a pound.

  6. Pooping and sex - are you sure you're not Drazil?

  7. @nella- I was full of lovely sounding GAS!! after surgery ..but that kind of rumblin in my tummy has gone away. I kinda wish for a bit of it maybe think I'm going to go #2..

    @Cindylew- You are doing rocked the Pre-Op harder than I could have ..

    @Drazil- I was thinking of you as I wrote this today .. my thought was if everyone else ran in horror wouldn't ;)

  8. That is a great NSV!

    On the poop thing, I have found that if I eat a salad I clean right out. It is annoying though, its almost like you have to "try" to poop.

  9. Yep, I'm with the poop brigade. I used to eat more fruits and veggies-- but they are just harder with the band.
    You can try Benefiber, but be careful b/c it can make you gassy... good luck and thanks for sharing. I am a TMI kinda gal.