Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Friday, May 7, 2010

Love these guys!!

my son and my brand new nephew!! i love these guys ...and i hope they'll always be close & become great friends through the years..

don't hate me!!

i feel like i'm having a hard time catching up with my own life these days.. and i'm hoping for a really boring and un-eventful week to make up for this past week full of craziness.

that little dude that my son is holding.. kept me waiting at the hospital at almost 1a.m ..on Monday night..still feel like I'm catching up on my sleep from that..

i've been helping a new mama that's having a little bit of an adjustment period after having her baby last week ..i love my Postpartum doula job's just all kinds of exhausting sometimes..

my husband has been out late three out of the five week days last week from all sorts of things ..and that means dinner/bath/bedtime has been my responsibility ..which isn't a huge deal..just tiring..

i'm hoping that since tomorrow is Mothers day .. it kicks off a really quiet week..that's my Mothers day wish!! :0)

Oh and speaking of this past week .. I passed my two week surgery date and had my two week appointment..
Just a lot of chatting on how I'm feeling (which is great!!) .. and how to make this band work to my full advantage.. making good food choices and chewing properly and avoiding bread/pasta/rice (which I'll ad hear to at least 84% of the time) ..

She said my incisions look great and I'll be able to come in for a fill at my 6 week visit. She told me not to get discouraged and to expect a slow down of weight or even a gain.. (duh that's bandster hell!!) I'm just trying to hang on till that date.

I'm happy to be almost five lbs since surgery and that isn't a huge number ..but it makes me feel good ..and it's almost a bit over 2lbs a week ..
Must work on getting more liquid in during the day .. (maybe if I type this out enough it will really happen) .. and I bought a box of protein bars to keep in my bag ..just in case i'm in a pinch and need some band-friendly food..

Happy mommy day to all of you all out there with children.. it's a hard job ..but it's the best hard job I've ever had..

ps- got the green light for cardio at the gym ..just no lifting for another 4 weeks.. back to the gym tomorrow afternoon..


  1. 5 lbs is great. Especially when a lot of people don't lose right after surgery because of swelling and fluid retention. You're losing right out the gate. Good job. And it goes without saying how freaking cute your son and nephew are. My niece and my oldest daughter are 5 years apart and they are very close.

  2. Glad that you are doing so well, 5lb's is great.

    Your photos are great, you son and nephew are beautiful, I can't help but feel broody at the sight of a newborn!

    I'd love to be a doula, must be a great job.

  3. Nice job on the 5 LBS...tomorrow is my 2 week bandiversary and even though I'm down 21, only 5 of that is since surgery...the rest is pre-op which I DO count because that was hell in itself.
    Both babies are beautiful...have a great Mother's Day.