Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Thursday, May 20, 2010

it's ONEderful here..

in the 100's .. 199.8 .. it's a few oz less than 200.. but still seeing that 1 vs a 2 .. huge boost..

thanks for letting me waa waaah waaaaaaah yesterday.. i really think i'm PMS'ing .. i was an emotional mess all day yesterday.. like crying at a commercial-type-mess.. love LOVE being a woman .. ;)

things that make today a happy day ..

-it's sunny! oh thank GOD it's sunny ... and it's going to be almost 84ish .. nice and warm..
-i bought a cupcake book today <--- what!? .. not really to eat ..but i have this crazy idea of starting a cupcake truck one day ..and thought who else to get recipes from ..but the baking god herself.. martha stewart..
-family picnic at my son's school .. another reason to be happy about the weather ..he's going to be so excited to see the 'bounce' house that they're setting up for the kids!!

and the best news..

i'm getting my hair done today!!

2ish hours of sitting at a salon that i love.. with ladies that love to chat about all kinds of things..

someone washing my hair and scrubbing my scalp in to pure blissful oblivion ..

getting rid of the few gray hairs that i have..

showing my hairdresser my 25lbs weight loss.. she hasn't seen me in months ..and i was 25lbs heavier then .. i hope she can see a difference! :0)

off to read some blogs before i'm off to my appointment.. happy thursday peeps!


  1. That's AWESOME!! Congrats on ONEDERFULNESS!

  2. Congratulations on onederland! So very happy that today is a better day!

  3. Yeah! Happy Dance for Onderland.

  4. Onederland!!! That is awesome, congrats! Enjoy your hair appointment! That is my favorite things to do, so relaxing! <3

  5. Welcome to onderland beautiful girl! It sure is nice here! I intend to apply for permanent residency!!!

    Job well done!

  6. You are doing great! Can't wait to see the new do!

  7. Congrats on onederland...I'm still 14 pounds a way but I can see it on the hotizon.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! Fantastic news, I am thrilled for you. Hope you had fun getting your hair did.

  9. CONGRADULATIONS missy on making it to onderland! I can't wait to join you there!!!

  10. Way to go...
    A cupcake truck sounds like a FABULICIOUS idea!
    I'd buy!!!