Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Monday, July 12, 2010


Dear Leenah-

You have been a very quiet guest in my body for the past 2 1/2 months.. so I guess you thought it was time to make your presence known and make some noise!? That's great ..I'm really glad to hear from you but I have one small question..and my question is ..does the noise have to be so PAINFUL!?

-xoxo me

My 3rd fill was last Wednesday and I started to really "feel" the fill over the weekend .. that seems to be the norm for me.. to feel it start and kick in a few days afterwards..

Yesterday I had trouble with a hamburger patty (with cheese on top) and no bun.. cut it up in to tiny bites and after a bit of time it all went down.

Last night for dinner was grilled chicken and pasta ..took one breast of chicken with some BBQ sauce and one spoonful of pasta ..and had some trouble with the chicken (a little bit to much time on the grill) ..but took my time and got through that.. thanks to the BBQ sauce for making everything a bit smoother to get down.

Today I had lunch at Panera and had soup/salad.. which I finished exactly 1/2 of each .. thought I would have this brilliant idea of dunking my son's grilled cheese crust in the soup at the very end.

Ouchieyaahyahh that hurt! I had to get up from the table ..I walked to the bathroom ..did some deep breathing and felt better.

I feel like just having a protein shake for dinner.. to make sure I got enough protein in for the day and to just have something "easy" to "eat" :0)

Anyways.. my band has shown up ..which is great.. just need to start playing by the rules now.. I haven't really needed to before ..but it's time to start.


  1. Oh yes, I can identify. I was cruising along, bitching about not having restriction between bites of truffle mac & cheese and then BAM! had a fill and all of a sudden my OK to eat list got smaller. But so did I, so I can't complain too much!

    Hope these episodes are few and far between for you.

  2. So far I'm like you...can eat everything, don't chew tremendously and don't eat slowly. Thursday I go for my 3rd fill and I'm wondering if the party will be over...I really do hope so.