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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yummy Snack

My husband is making yummy lemon/raspberry bars this afternoon ..and even thought i'll have a bite of it ..

I don't want to go crazy and thought I could make my own yummy dessert to have with little guilt..

-A box of 'Cheesecake' flavored pudding :0) Yum!!

-And then some crushed up Graham Crackers

-A sprinkle of fresh raspberries (I would have used more,..but he needs them for the bars!)

and a drizzle of chocolate syrup ..because it makes it just that much more yummy..

Happy Sunday!!


  1. droooool!!! i know what i'll be making this week!!!

  2. sounds so good! I have some of that jello in the cabinet, so I will be trying this soon!!