Start Weight: 225lbs (10/2009) Goal Weight: 150lbs

Friday, July 9, 2010


Oh hi there #30! I've been waiting for you for a longggg time now ..

225-194.2 = 30lbs!!

almost two months of being sooo close to 3-0 that I've said that I've lost 30lbs..but knowing in my heart that I was about 1-2lbs from actually hitting the 3-0 #..

Hitting this number means that i'm:

-safely out of the 200's
-closer to 190 than 200
-4lbs closer to the milestone of 190
-fitting in my clothes easier
-energy is up/mood is up
-feeling like this whole thing is possible..

Just 10lbs more and I'll have the weight of my son off my shoulders/back/knee's .. that's my next big goal .. 184!!

It's crazy to think I've been carrying "him" around with me all this time.. he's gosh-darn heavy and it's not a fun thing to carry him far distances.. like on vacation when he wanted me to carry him across some rocks (he didn't have shoes on) to our cabin.. I was struggling to get him that far .. so it really puts into comparison what I carry around everyday..

Here's a pic of what I was doing at the gym yesterday .. I just wanted to go and walk/jog ..and left in a puddle of sweat .. It was a good feeling to not struggle like I usually do after taking a few days off (vacation)..

i know it's super hard to read (took the pic while cooling down)
50.51 minutes
2.26 miles
417 calories

Off to make a protein shake and figure out what me and my dude-a-rama are doing today on this fun friday!


  1. Hoorah! Congrats on losing 30lbs and being well within onederland! I know how pleased I was when I met that 30lb milestone. My little boy (15 months) weighs 28lbs and it's such a great (and at the same time truly horrendous!) reminder every time I pick him up to think I've actually lost more than he weighs. Here's to losing more!

  2. So happy for you. Welcome to the 30's! Why it takes some of us so long is beyond me. I too was stuck so close getting to 30 (for months) it almost hurt. But I'm going down now and so will you.

  3. Wow, congrats! You are kicking ass and taking names! You really are doing great! Being closer to 190 than 100 - that much feel awesome. <3

  4. Awesome - you are kicking ass and taking names! Keep it up!

  5. Congrats on the 30 lbs...great milestone.